Feel Anxious & Sleepless? Crave Carbs?

Meet the Amazing GABA -- Guest Post, Thanks to Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert & Certified Nutritionist

Note from Connie: Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed or stressed out? Would you like help to calm down, sleep better, and Crush Your Cravings?  

What if if you could quiet your mind, easily relax, cut out insomnia and calm your cravings without taking drugs?

You may want to try GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA), a neurotransmitter that sends chemical messages through the brain and the nervous system.  Recently, I rediscovered GABA, thanks to a nutritionist, who’s helping me with my anxiety over health and housing challenges.

Today’s guest blog post is excerpted from two informative posts (here and here) by Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist.

First, I’m quoting from Trudy’s post. GABA, the calming amino acid: expert opinions:

‘GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid) is one of my top nutrient recommendations for clients with physical tension, anxiety, overwhelm and panic attacks. I’m often asked if it really works and is it even worth taking so here is some feedback from practitioners from the Anxiety Summit, all of whom I consider experts on the topic.’

Julia Ross, MFT, pioneer in the field of amino acid therapy, my mentor and the author of The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure, shares this wisdom about GABA during our interview: Eliminating Anxiety: Amino Acid Therapy and Adrenal Balancing on season 1 of the Anxiety Summit:

‘Among other things, GABA relaxes the nerves in the muscles in the body. One of the most common kinds of feedback that we get from people who are doing a GABA trial is that it seems to take effect so quickly. This may be because, unlike tryptophan, which has to be converted into serotonin, GABA is the neurotransmitter and the amino acid all in one and requires no conversion.

“There isn’t often a GABA discussion when the topic of the blood-brain-barrier doesn’t come up and whether GABA actually does work. Of course, Julia addresses this too:

‘There is a myth going around, based on one old study, that GABA doesn’t cross into the brain, that it doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier. But there are other studies that show that it does [here is a paper published earlier this year], and our clinical experience is overwhelming. This is the most popular trial that we do, the GABA trial, using only 100 mg. It zips right into the brain, and people immediately feel relaxed physically and mentally.’

[Note from Connie: Trudy even shares that she has been a “GABA girl.”

“I see this with my clients on a daily basis and I can certainly attest to that personally too. I like to share that I was a ‘GABA girl’: when I had my terrible anxiety and panic attacks in my late 30s anxiety, GABA worked beautifully for me. It was amazing and life-changing! Zero anxiety and no more panic attacks!


Is Your Cell Phone Making You Fat & Ruining Your Sleep?

The Problems with Blue Light & 9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sleep - Your Motivating Monday


Do you use your cell phone, tablet or laptop after sundown? If so, you’re in good company, because 9 out of 10 of us use some type of electronic device at least an hour before bed.  But if  being so wired can ruin your sleep,  alter your metabolism  and make you gain weight. (Read on, because this photo with Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Swanwick shows you an easy way to stay wired at night but sleep better.)

So here’s our 21st century problem: Your favorite electronic gizmos before bedtime emit light of a blue wavelength, which trick your brain into thinking that it’s daytime. Not only that, but poor sleep is linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes and depression.

But, let’s face it, most of us probably won’t change our unhealthy tech habits once the sun sets.

Now for my confession. My really bad habit (or babit™, as I call it)—which, I’ve finally broken (well, mostly)—is that I like to write blog posts or books into the wee hours. Lately, since nearly fainting, I’ve been getting off the computer between 4 to 6 pm, but, admittedly, I still need to lick my watching-TV-in-bed babit.

What about you? Do you, too, have any of these popular 21st-century bad electronic habits?

  • Do you send texts or check emails on your computer, iPad, cell phone or laptop after sundown?
  • Do you often watch TV at night?
  • Do you hop on Facebook and social media sites at night?
  • Do you light up your place with fluorescent and LED light bulbs?
  • Do you or your children play hand-held video games or use other electronic gadgets at night?
  • Do you use on an LED digital clock?
  • And do you or your loved ones keep your cell phone next to your bed and use it as your alarm clock?

If you or your kids surf the web, use your cell phone or play video games before bedtime, you’re setting yourself up for some health problems.

Blue light from our popular electronic devices, from cell phones to TVs to video games, emit massive amounts of melatonin-suppressing blue light, which can mess up our sleep, make us gain weight, and even cause depression. (Melatonin, at you may know, is a hormone found naturally in the body, and it helps us sleep.)

But in our wired society, many of us are walking around sleep deprived,  which may, as I’ve discovered, can cause weight gain, dumb you down and make it harder to keep your emotions in check.

]Is your cell phone or TV ruining your sleep, making you fat & harming your health?[/shareable]Of course, we’re not going to turn the clock back to the time of light-bulb-founder Thomas Edison, when sunlight was once our major source of blue spectrum light.

But you need to be aware of the research about blue light’s dangers. It’s both fascinating and frightening. Here are my shocking takeaways.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to toss your cell phone or turn off your TV to sleep better and improve your health.

Here are 8 Simple Ways to limit your blue-light exposure at night and enjoy better sleep:


The Room is Spinning!

Gotta Take Off This Monday

Sorry, but I just can’t post for today’s Cravings-Crushing Monday (Your Motivating Monday).

The room is spinning! Will post later about my current health challenges — that is, when I get the guts to share it.

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Let Your Cravings Be Your Teachers

3 Easy Ways to Find Out About Your Cravings -- Your Motivating Monday

Tired of having aggravating cravings for processed, sugary, salty, fatty sort-of foods or processed carbs? To get to the other side of your huge cravings, the first thing you need to do is listen to them, because your cravings can be your teachers.

You may be thinking, “Huh? Why would I want to listen to my cravings? They’ve only taken me down a dark path to bingeing desserts and processed carbs.”

But here’s the thing: To get to the other side of your cravings, you need to give them both the respect and attention that they deserve.

Here’s what’s interesting about cravings. They’re often smart—that is, if they’re not activated by environmental cues such as a brightly lit, enticing fast food restaurant, donut shop or fresh popcorn at the movie theater.

These days, I’ve come to respect my cravings now that my unhealthy cravings for processed carbs have vanished. (My sugar cravings have been long gone.)

Nowadays, the cravings I get are healthy so I listen to them. And that’s what I want for you, too. For instance:

  • Sometimes I eat at strange times. For instance, today, I craved a lunch-like snack at 10 am. (My body evidently needed lunch early.)
  • Then, from time to time, when I’m at Whole Foods, I crave Mom’s Chicken Soup—that’s actually the name—but I want no other foods. No salads. No vegetables. All I want is the soup. (I’ve come to respect this craving which I’ve gotten a lot since losing my mother. Clearly, this is a huge emotional craving, which strike around various holidays or birthdays.)
  • In addition, sometimes I really crave free-range, organic meats. Or I may crave the reverse—I want is a nutritious vegetarian shake with half an avocado, protein powder, chia seeds, carob powder, cinnamon and no fruits. (That was my strange dinner tonight. Well, that and a sugar-free turkey stick.)

So here are 3 Easy Ways to Listen to Your Cravings and to determine if they’re unhealthy or healthy.

  1. First, when you get a craving, ask yourself: “Is this a real bodily craving or an unhealthy, environmentally activated craving?” If it’s the former, then you can act on it. But often, especially if you’re out and about in our junk-food jungle, you’re just being triggered by seeing candies, cookies or chips, then you’re having an unhealthy craving.
  2. Next, consider the consequences of acting on your cravings. Ask yourself, “Will eating this [fill in the name of the food] nourish and energize me or diminish and deplete me?” Then go a little further. Ask your inner guide, “Will eating those chips, crackers or candies make me angry or upset with myself?” You’re smart. You know exactly what will happen if you let your dangerous cravings rule you.
  3. Now’s the time to act on your craving, but in a good way. Ask yourself, “What do I really crave?” Your inner guide is smart. It knows. So ask yourself, “Do I crave a walk outside near nature? Do I crave a conversation with a good friend? Do I crave sleep because I’m tired?”

See how your cravings can be your teachers?

Share your thoughts. Let me know how this worked for you.

Inspire Your Peeps With Shareable Images & Cartoons

It's Easy to Share Inspiring Quotes & Clever Cartoons in My New Section (Your Motivating Monday)

Today, it’s my pleasure to announce an easy way for you to share beautiful images and inspiring words of wisdom with your favorite people.

Welcome to my new curated Shareable Images and Cartoons section on my blog, which has been years in the planning.

You’re invited to get inspired, encouraged or amused here one or more times a week.

So here’s how to use this Shareable Images and Clever Cartoons section.

  1. First, every Thursday and some Mondays (for Your Motivating Monday or Cravings-Crushing Monday), you’ll get a motivating Shareable Quote or a Clever Cartoon on my blog.  See one of my favorite cartoons, Sugar Killing You? (It illustrates Sweets in a Coffin!)
  2. Plus, at any time, visit the Shareable Images and Cartoons section on my blog to see motivating quotes from gurus (both living and long gone) about how to overcome your obstacles. See your challenges as stepping stones to a better place and embrace vibrant health. You’ll also find my quotes on how to Crush Your Cravings. And you’ll get provocative Sugar Shock Cartoons from cartoonist Isabella Bannerman. Then spread the image love to your friends, colleagues and loved ones.

Of course, images, especially in this day and age, grab us like nothing else. In fact, did you know that our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text? No wonder we say that a picture is worth 1,000 words. (It’s actually worth more than that.)

So let me tell you how this fun, motivating, entertaining Shareable Images and Clever Cartoons section came about.

All of the above steps led to this curated Shareable Quotes and Cartoons section.

So now the time has come to motivate, encourage you and spur you to humor, self-reflection and positive transformation using the image-sharing revolution, which I can do now, thanks to valuable members of my team.

Ready to share yet?

  1. First go to the Shareable Images and Cartoons section on my blog. 
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I’m determined to help you not only to Crush Your Cravings but to create a life of joy, fun and optimal health, no matter where you are or what you’re facing.

Make sure to stay tuned every Thursday morning for a new inspiring, encouraging, insightful Shareable Image or Cartoon.

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Together, let’s inspire thousands, if not millions.

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