Join my new I blew my diet! Now what? Facebook group

Have you blown your diet with carbage (carb garbage) and sweets after the death of a loved one, a time of stress, your divorce or another tough time?

It’s time to get support.

I’m thrilled to announce that after years of research, I’m ready to help you Rebound After Relapse, as I put it.

That’s why I’ve now started a new I blew my diet! Now what? Facebook group.

Join us now.

Now for a little about this I blew my diet! Now what? Facebook group. For instance, I’ll share:


Do Junk Foods Make You Depressed?

When you’re depressed, do you turn to junk foods?

Then, do you get more depressed and gobble more junk foods?

For years, I’ve suspected and been convinced that there’s a bona fide connection.

Now yet another study, this one in Public Health Nutrition supports this junk foods-give-you-junky moods theory.

Read the conclusion of this study in Public Health Nutrition.


The Book You Want is…

The Results of The Reader Survey Are In

Woo Hoo! The results are in! Thanks to you — wonderful readers of this blog, many of you on my mailing list and fans of my Facebook page — you’ve now unanimously told me which book you’d rather read. You like to dig into a book with a dirty dessert plate.

Now it’s time for my confession… Read on…

When I polled you about which book you’d buy, what I was really asking you was which book cover would pop out and call out to you enough so you’d want to buy the book.

What a book-cover education I’ve had. Did you know that apparently, most of you really do judge a book by its cover?

Why am I focusing so much on the cover of my next book?


Which Book Would You Buy?

Please Vote Now on Start-Again Monday

“I blew my diet! Now what?”

Have you ever repulsively made a retort similar to that after you mindlessly polished off yet another bag of processed potato chips, a large bucket of movie popcorn, or an enormous slice of chocolate cake?

At last, it’s time for my big reveal.

Five-plus years ago, after losing my Mom, I blew my healthy diet, did lots of Heartbreak Bingeing™ (as I call it) of carbage (carb garbage), gained 21 pounds, and got horribly ashamed. After all, I’m the Sugar-Free Queen.

But my “failure” made me realize that I’m not alone. Then it lit a fire under me, because the more I researched and the more I talked with others, who’d stopped eating healthy, the more I realized that every day, millions of you blow your diets, too.

So for the past five-plus years, I’ve been doing research, writing, and slimming down.

Now I’m making plans to release my next book, I blew my diet! Now what?

I’ll share more about the book later, but now, I’d love your input. You see, to serve you well, I need your opinion.

Which book would you buy?

  • Would you buy Book # 1 with the crumpled napkin?
  • Or would you buy Book # 2 with the cleaned-off plate?

Click here to vote now.


Stay tuned to learn the results.


Send Your Favorite Sugar-Free, Truly Paleo Recipes for My Next Book

Experiment in the Kitchen for Start-Again Monday

Do you make a delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb vegetable-rich lasagna? Can you create delectable veggie fries that has everyone raving about how they’re better than French fries? Do you know how to whip up scrumptious, low-carb, sugar-free, Paleo cookies?

In short, do you have amazing Paleo recipes, which contain no agave, no honey, no maple syrup, no coconut sugar, and no wine? I call this way of eating Truly Paleo or Sugar-Free Paleo.

For years — especially since I first started my Sugar Shock Blog in 2005 — have been asking me for such recipes, so they can lose or maintain weight and lead a healthy Paleo diet. They’ve been getting frustrated, because many recipes call for adding sweeteners such as agave, honey, or coconut sugar, or even alcohol.

Now, I’d love to feature some of your healthiest, sugar-denying, carb-busting, sugar-free, Truly Paleo recipes in my next book, I Blew My Diet! Now What?  The Super-Simple Plan to Rebound After Your Carb Relapse to Lose Weight for Good. In addition, I’ll feature more recipes in another upcoming book.

So for this week’s Start-Again Monday, I invite you to have some sugar-free fun in the kitchen.

First, you want to know what it means to follow a Paleo diet. Your dish cannot include: (more…)

I Blew My Diet! Now What? Podcast is Coming

Update: Please note that we’re going with neither of these covers. See below for the new cover.

Since 2007, I’ve hosted the Gab with the Gurus Show, where I’ve interviewed hundreds of renowned experts and bestselling authors in health, wellness, fitness, sugar, personal empowerment and blogging. Right now, I’m putting that podcast on hold, because…

Soon, I’m starting my new I Blew My Diet! Now What? Podcast, for which I’ll bring on leading  authors, bloggers and podcasters, who specialize in weight loss, fitness, mindset, and willpower so you can get the slim, trim body and beautiful life you seek.

Now, I’d like your help to pick the cover art for the podcast. First cover option is included to your left. (See end of this post to find out how to vote for these covers.)

First, learn about the premise behind the podcast by seeing if you can relate to this.

For weeks, months, years, you’ve been diligently cutting out carbs, avoiding white sugar and processed carbs and banning most anything that’s unhealthy. You’re oh-so-excited. Your slim pants are finally fitting, your energy is soaring, your enthusiasm is high, and then …. something life-changing, challenging or heartbreaking happens. For instance:

  • You could be reeling after the death of a loved one.
  • Maybe you’re going through a difficult divorce.
  • Perhaps you’re healing after verbal or physical abuse.
  • Or you’re under massive stress at work or at home.
  • In short, you may have been TAGGED — that’s my acronym for Traumatized, Abused, Gripped by Grief or Emotionally Devastated.

What do most of you do when our hearts are breaking, times get tough and/or we feel terribly stressed? About two-thirds of us—mostly us ladies—behave badly around food. In short, we blow our diets.

Whatever your emotional drivers, you began to do what you swore would happen again. You buy and then mindlessly gobble on sugary cookies, chips, bread, doughnuts or ice-cream – or, perhaps all of the above. Plus, you may even guzzle a soda or sweet ice tea.

Shortly, you get angry, upset and fed up with yourself, because you had a Carb Relapse or Sugar Relapse, as I call it. How could this happen after you were doing so well?

I’m intentionally using the word relapse although I’m not talking about drugs, booze or porn. I’m using the word relapse to refer to sweets and toxic carbs, because ample research now reveals that sugar—and, by extension, processed, fiber-stripped carbs, which quickly send sugar into your bloodstream—are as addictive as cocaine or heroin.

Then you just can’t stop your sugar or carb bingeing. Let’s face it, for most, you can’t have just a one-time binge. Once you’re surfing the Carbs-Clamoring, or Sugar-Sinning wave, it’s hard to climb out of that sugar sea.Then, days or weeks, or even years, go by and you’re off doing more and more Heartbreak Bingeing (as I call it).

You become filled with self-loathing. You’re so disappointed in yourself. And you keep wondering, “Where did my willpower go?”

Then, you keep complaining to a close friend, a work colleague, a close relative or all who’ll listen: “I’m so mad at myself! I Blew My Diet! Now What do I do?”

Does this sound familiar? Have you been in this dismal place, too? As I shared previously, I had this dreadfully difficult experience myself in late 2012. After my Mom died, I Blew My Diet bigtime, had a massive Carb Relapse, packed on 21 embarrassing pounds, and quickly flipped from empowered to powerless.

But out of that pain my new expertise was born. For the past few years, I’ve been in deep research mode to find out how to help you Take Back Your Power using tools that are FEPPP™.  That’s my acronym for Fast, Easy, Proven, Powerful and Portable.

Now, it’s time to share the exciting news. I’m wrapping up my next book, which will be titled, I blew my diet! Now what? The Super-Simple Plan to Rebound After Your Carb Relapse and Lose Weight for Good

In addition, as I shared earlier, I’m starting my I blew my diet! Now what? Podcast. (That way you’ll be able to get tips, tactics and help to Rebound After Relapse before my book comes out.)

Here’s the art for the new podcast.


Is Diet a Dirty Word?

Share Your Thoughts: Start-Again Monday™

Is Diet a Dirty Word? What do you think?

Let’s face it. In certain circles these days, people steer clear of the word “diet,” because it’s deemed politically incorrect. More important, it may mean deprivation, restriction, frustration, difficulty or even struggle.

Here’s the catch. What other word should I use to convey that you’re cleaning up your eating, mindfully consuming the best, healthiest,  nutritious, real foods into your mouth? Sure, you’re eating less, but you’re still going to feel full.

Is it wrong to use the word diet?


Create Your Love Potion

Start-Again Monday Fun

Even if you blew your diet last week, this week you can Start Again.

Today’s Adventurcise™ (my word for Adventurous Exercise) will be fun to do.

The best part is that you’ll be able to benefit ALL week, month, year long.

Today’s Adventurcise offers you an easy way to take an important first step to get the slimmer, happier, lovely body you want.

Here’s what you’ll do today.

Find three words to describe the body that you want to have.

Now bear in mind that slim isn’t all you want.

You want — and already have a body — that nurtures, supports
and helps you all day long.

Ready for some fun?

Here are a few words you can choose/use:


Why It’s Now Start-Again Monday

Wow! The smartest people are on my mailing list. Yesterday, I sent out my weekly email to the thousands on my list to announce that henceforth, I’ll be calling the first day of the week Start-Again Monday™ instead of Cravings-Crushing Monday.

Before telling you why I’ve renamed it that, I decided to ask my those people why they thought I was renaming the day, Start-Again Monday.

Of course, I was opening myself up to a deluge of emails! Anyhow, since I received so many emails, I’m choosing some of the most clever responses I received.

So to fill you in on this, my question was, Why do you think I’m renaming that first day of the week Start-Again Monday?

Here are the best replies:

      • Lorene said: “It is because Monday is a new day to start from where you were and got lost, to getting back on track.”
      • Enid wrote: “Because we all think we can just Start Over on Monday.”
      • Jan was also dead-on correct: “Compensate for weekend failure.”
      • John’s reply was so true that it cracked me up: “Because of relapse Sunday?”
      • Kim realized:  “I think it’s because of straying from the diet and workout later in the week, so we say, `I’ll start over on Monday and stick with it this time.’ That’s been my experience many times, anyway.”
      • Traci replied: “To provide everyone with a reset –  to keep trying & never give up. To instill hope and encouragement.”
      • And K identified a lot: “Can totally relate!  We start the week being careful about not having sugar and other good food habits, and by the time the weekend is over, we’ve blown it, so we start again on `start again Monday.'”

I couldn’t have summed up these reasons any better.

Do why else do you think I renamed the first day of the week, Start-Again Monday?