The Power to Wow with Lynn Rose

Today, for viagra without prescription usa Follow Friday, I want to introduce you to the marvelous, magnetic, mesmerizing Lynn Rose. I urge you to learn more about Lynn.

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending an entire weekend watching Lynn in action emceeing the City Summit, founded by Ryan Long. Wow!!!

All weekend at the City Summit — and it was one really, really long event — I continually marveled at how Lynn was able to maintain such an enormous amount of enthusiasm, energy and charisma while introducing such speakers as Les Brown, Colin Farrell and Kevin Harrington.

Indeed, Lynn is, as her website points out, an entertaining, energizing motivational keynote speaker and one heck of a high-energy emcee.

By the end of the City Summit, I was even more determined to break through my on-the-way-out fear of public speaking, which I’ve written about previously..I knew that, “I want to have that kind of a compelling, endearing, compassionate presence.”

After watching Lynn in action, I became excited about working privately with her so, I, too, can become an engaging speaker.

Next, I instantly signed up for Lynn’s upcoming The Power to Wow event, which she’s hosting April 13 to 14 in Los Angeles.

If you’re an author, speaker, motivational leader, or even someone who needs to break through your fear of public speaking, I invite you to find how to attend Lynn’s The Power to Wow event.

Learn more more about it from Lynn’s Facebook live.)

In Lynn’s very hands-on, interactive, transformative The Power to Wow event, you’ll learn how to:

  • Speak fearlessly, authentically and powerfully so you create The WOW Effect every time you speak (on stage, with clients or on video).
  • Be a master at instantly connecting powerfully with your audience or clients and make extraordinary impact any and every time you hit the stage or are in the media.
  • Banish barriers that could ever hold you back in any way (nothing can stop you from being your best ever again!)
  • Be completely who YOU are, free of all the “shoulds.”
  • The Four Secret distinctions that ensure you have any crowd or person mesmerized by you.
  • Avoid the five mistakes many professional speakers make.
  • Master your ability to shift your attitude and feelings in an INSTANT so you can always stand in your power.
  • Speak off the top of your head — in the spur of the moment — in any situation. (You’ll never have to again rely on notes or Powerpoint.)
  • Uncover what may be hiding from your view that’s acting like a foot on the brake of going for it in  your speaking, career or your life and how to release that and finally have ease of pursuing your passion.
  • Fully unleash and discover what is your unique inner brilliance.
  • Possess the #1 ingredient that makes you a consistently masterful speaker.
  • Make a simple, little known adjustment of your body language and posture so that your presence can come ALIVE!
  • How to use your voice in a commanding way.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Possess the secret technique that works every time TIME to get a crowd of even thousands quiet!
  • Know how to create energy even when you’re dog tired!
  • Reach your next greatest level of mastery in your presentations — no matter where your experience level is right now!
  • buy now ​​​​​

If you attend, let me know so we can meet!

To find out how to attend Lynn Rose’s event on April 13 and 14, go to:

Please note that for Follow Friday, I do buy now NOT take a referral or affiliate fee. It’s just that I know so many remarkable people, products and events that I feel it’s my duty to share these awesome resources with you. If you or the person or group I feature likes, you may donate to my favorite charity, the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, but there’s absolutely no obligation. Got an idea about who or what to feature on a future cheap viagra 100mg worldwide shipping drugstore Follow Friday? Let me know here.  

10 Questions to Ask to Learn from Your Nightmare

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare?

Have you had a scary dream during a particularly stressful or challenging time when one of your biggest fears materialized?

Right now, I’m here to remind you that you do NOT need to be taken down or frazzled by a nightmare.

You see, very early this morning, I woke up after a really bad dream. But, darn it, I decided to rise above it and to teach you how to do so, too.

You may be wondering what I dreamed about, but because I believe in staying positive no matter what, I won’t feed it with negativity by sharing what happened.

But after thinking, tapping into my intuition, and some Googling, I came up with 10 Ways to Learn from & Rise Above Your Nightmare.


I do NOT like to be on camera. Can you relate?

I do NOT like to be on camera in any way!

Can you relate?

In short, I dislike:

* Doing videos
* Doing Facebook lives
* Creating Vlogs (video blog posts)
* Doings Photo shoots or having my photo taken

It’s weird. I wasn’t always this way.

But now, you name it, as soon as anyone picks up a camera, I want to hide my head. 

My dislike of photos, videos, etc. kicked up big time after what I now call My Bittersweet Last Year with Mom. (That’s also when I turned to carbs as if they were my long-lost friends. Which, of course, they weren’t. Of course, that led to a weight gain of 21 pounds, which took a while to shed.)

Here’s why I’m writing about my video and photo phobia.

From working with and emailing so many of you, I know that I’m not alone.


Announcing Follow Friday

Today it’s my pleasure to announce Follow Friday, a new weekly or biweekly feature on my blog.

On Follow Friday, you’ll find out about some of my absolute favorite people, non-profit organizations, events, products, programs, books, podcasts, and sugar-free, gluten-free, organic foods and beverages.

I’m so excited to finally share things I’ve been eagerly tracking down and excitedly discovering for years. Essentially, you’ll get the benefits of my extensive research to find the cleanest foods, the best movers and shakers, and the most awesome events.

With Follow Friday, my goals are to help you learn about the best people, groups and products to help you become happier and healthier, as well as more productive and empowered.

In short, my intentions are honorable. Please note, to be transparent, that I will NOT take affiliate commissions from any of the people, organizations or events I feature.

What I may or may not do—it depends on the featured party—is request that whoever I write or talk about about (voice recordings are coming) make a donation to my favorite charity, which is the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation (HSF).

FYI, the reason I chose to spotlight the HSF is because without the selfless, giving, compassionate Roberta Ruggiero, its founder and president, I may simply not be alive today. Or I’d be a depressed, lethargic, barely alive shell of my former self. Seriously! Soon, I’ll feature the HSF on Follow Friday, and you’ll learn about how I unintentionally introduced Roberta to Wolfram Alderson, who is now the HSF’s powerhouse chairman.

Here are the guidelines to submit an idea for Follow Friday.

  • Just submit your idea for a group, event, product book or podcast to be featured.
  • If you know someone involved with the event, organization, or product, please introduce me to that person.
  • To be featured for Follow Friday, my team and I will vote on what to feature.
  • Please remember, our intentions are for you to discover someone or something that will improve the quality of your life.

So now, it’s time to come to you for help.

What people, events or non-profit groups do you suggest that I feature on Follow Friday?

If you can, please send an introduction email, later, I’ll be interviewing the company founders, experts, etc.

Share now who you suggest that I feature on Follow Friday.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Today, as you know, is Valentine’s Day, the Day of Love.

You and your honey—if you have one—will likely do something special together, if you’re like most Americans. (If you’re overseas, this
email is still relevant to you.)

But here’s the thing about Valentine’s Day that concerns me:

Why is only ONE day of the year devoted to promoting love?

So this Valentine’s Day, I’d like to make another suggestion:

Today, I urge you to begin to shower yourself with self-love. In other words, become your own valentine.

Before you shower someone else with love and affection, you need to
give yourself love and affection. Only then can you become a truly wonderful sweetheart to another.

Today, I urge you to be super-sweet to both your special someone and yourself. And remember, this is a year-long project.

So I invite you, “Be an Everyday Valentine,” as I previously shared on Heal Your Life,

Be your own a valentine all 365 days of the year.

Remember, when you love yourself, you’re more able to love others and be generous.

So Happy Valentine’s Day to you.

Gab with the Gurus Returns

It’s my pleasure to announce that on March 26, my Gab with the Gurus Podcast returns. 

You’ll be able to hear from motivating gurus (hence the title) from a variety of fields (such as health, wellness, personal empowerment, relationships, fiction, etc.), who will give you powerful insights, brilliant takeaways, and easy takeaways, which you can immediately apply to your life. 

Much as I didn’t want to take a hiatus, it was imperative that I take ample time to do a great job researching and writing my next book, I blew my diet! Now what? 

Then, after writing my book, I needed to time to heal from adrenal fatigue. (All those stressful months knocked me out!) Shortly though, yeah!, my editor and I will be done with our work on my book, which is why my Gab with the Gurus Podcast can finally return. 

Please note that you may have noticed that I previously called my new podcast, the I blew my diet Podcast. (That was an earlier idea I considered. Instead, I’m returning to the reestablished name of Gab with the Gurus, but I will later have I blew my diet-themed podcasts.)

It’s my honor to be one of the long-term podcasters.

  • I’ve been hosting my Gab with the Gurus shows since 2008. Before that, I called it the Stop Sugar Shock Show, which debuted July 10, 2007 with an episode featuring Jimmy Moore.
  • I’ve also had the pleasure to interview hundreds of the most empowering people, including Dr. Mehmet Oz, Suzanne Somers, Lisa Rinna, Montel Williams, Jack LaLanne, Marcy Shimoff and many more. (Read what some fans said about previous shows and guests.

When we return with Gab with the Gurus, we’re making a number of changes to the show.

  • We’re going to improve the sound quality, including getting rid of “umms” and “aahs.”
  • We now have a new, more modern, fun logo (see above).
  • The show will always be short — from 15 to 20 minutes long, allowing those of you in a hurry to get great takeaways quickly and while on the go. 
  • We’re also bringing on two enthusiastic Assistant Producers for Gab with the Gurus. Specifically, we’re seeking two talented, creative, journalism or writing students or recent grads, who have training in broadcasting training and social media. We’re specifically looking for fast-working people, who are enthusiastic, organized, flexible, accurate, gracious under pressure. If interested, apply here.

Gab with the Gurus Show guests will help you:

  • Shed weight.
  • Quit sugar or carbs.
  • Develop a Success Mindset.
  • Triumph Over Tough Times.
  • Think Bigger.
  • And Enjoy a Sweeter Life.

Who would you like to hear me interview on Gab with the Gurus?

Would you like to be considered as a guest? Here’s how to apply to be a Gab with the Gurus guest. 

Who would you like to hear me interview on Gab with the Gurus? Post your ideas here. 

New Cover for My Book, I blew my diet! Now what?

Every day, around the world, millions of people just like you are blowing their diets.  Does this sound familiar?

For the last few years, it’s become my mission to help you to discover why you blew your diet and how to Rebound After Relapse™, as I put it.  

To that end, I’m pleased to share the cover of my next book, I blew my diet! Now what?

This cover replaces the previous one, which you picked as the favorite one, as I shared earlier. Although we — and you, with your vote — selected, my team and I had to change it, because we found one that was uncannily similar to the earlier design.

Now, I invited you to share your thoughts about this new cover? What do you think?

So how did this book come to be? It really began, because I personally blew my diet for some eight months, after losing my angry, dying Mom.

While I was healing and shedding the weight I’d gained, I’ve been determined and dedicated to discover why people blow their diets.

Now, I’m determined to you how to slim down and take back your power.  For instance, you’ll discover how to: 

  • Smash your shame.
  • Put an end to your guilt, remorse or self-loathing.
  • Slim down. 
  • Cut out or reverse such health hazards as cancer, heart disease or type 2 diabetes. 

I’ll share more about the book later, but for now, I’d love to hear what you think of this new book cover. 

Question: What do you think of this new book cover?

Amazing Charity to Explore: The Hypoglycemia Support Foundation

This week, I’ll have the pleasure of connecting with and helping my favorite charity, the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation, which serves millions worldwide, who have issues with blood sugar. 

Do you often face such confusing ailments as difficulty concentrating, headaches, mood swings, anxiety, severe PMS or menopausal symptoms and/or huge sugar cravings?

If so, you may have this often-misunderstood condition of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. 

Check out this organization’s awesome infographic to help you learn more about this confusing blood sugar condition.

To see the full infographic, go to the Hypoglycemia Support Foundation website. 

I also invite you to consider making a donation, too. Just go here.

Eating Right for You Can Tank the Wrong Date

A few years back, while on a blind date with a man in New York City, I politely passed on a glass of wine. Despite my kind refusal, my quite-out-of-shape date kept pushing alcohol on me. I graciously declined yet again. 

Since the guy wasn’t my type, I didn’t bother to explain that I don’t drink alcohol because I’ll feel awful afterwards, get horrible headaches, spaciness, dizziness, insomnia, and a three-day “hangover.”

Even if you don’t socialize over booze, you can still have fun on your dates, great health and lose weight at the same time. 

Back to my date with the epitome of bad health. Thankfully, it ended quickly, but as we both said farewell, Paunchy, Sedentary, Booze-Guzzler couldn’t resist a dig: “You’re too into health and wellness for me,” he insisted. Seriously? 

If you’re single and are now eating more cleanly or dieting (following, say, a keto, low-carb or vegetarian plan), have you had a laughable dating experience like this? (more…)

Why I’ve Been Gone. Writing Next Book & Then Taking Much-Needed Down Time

Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve been hard at work on my next book, I blew my diet! Now what?

Then, because I worked so hard, I sort of crashed, and now I’ve been getting my strength back and taking much-needed time to take back my energy.

Actually, for the last 14 years, since founding this blog in 2005, I’ve been posting pretty regularly. But this time–with intense deadlines coming at me–I really needed to take a break.

But I’ll be back soon with more awesome Start-Again Monday blog posts.

Get ready to laugh with me about how I blew my diet back in 2012 after losing my mother.