My Crazy-Cravings Anniversary

How I Became Determined to Crack the Cravings Code: See My Videos to Learn How to Crush Your Cravings

Four years ago, around this time, after a grueling year watching the difficult death of my Mom, Crazy Cravings for salty carbs and fatty cheeses hit me hard. Now, for the first time, I’m revealing via video (for a short time) how I fell into a massive, months-long Carb Relapse, gained 21 pounds and became determined to Crack the Cravings Code. I’m also here with help for you.


Learn in this video how — although I never went back to eating overt sugar (as in candies, cookies or cakes) and stayed away from sweets, as I had for the past 14 years — I had plenty of covert sugar from less obvious sources as movie popcorn, onion rings, corn nuggets, sweet potato chips and more movie popcorn.

For months, my Crazy Cravings kept hounding me while I sought to face and rise above TAG (my phrase for Trauma, Abuse and Anger and Grief) and much more.

“Connie, Eat Me, Eat Me, Eat Me,” those crappy carbs called out to me while I was walloped by painful emotions.

For quite a while, I was mortified since a sugar and carb expert, for goodness sake!  In fact, it took me a full two years to get up the guts to publicly confess to my carb sinning on this blog.

These days, my Carb Relapse and TAG are long-ago history. My sense of humor, quirkiness and joie de vivre have returned.  Lately, the revelations have been pouring in.

Now, as I share in my new video, I realize that My Crazy Cravings Became My Greatest Teachers.  

So I’m back to serving you. Woo Hoo! I’m here to help you first learn about your cravings for junk foods full of sugar, flour, fat or salt.

Then I’m here to help you Crush Your Cravings.

Check out my free video series to discover my fascinating findings about cravings. (Please note that the video is up for only a few more days.)

Make sure to post your comments on the video page. Tell us: Have you ever been waylaid by intense cravings that threw you completely off course and goaded you into self-destructive bingeing?

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Woo Hoo! I’m so excited. After years of research, I’m ready to begin to help you Crush Your Cravings.

happpy-jumping-1227For the past four years, after I suffered my own embarrassing Carb Relapse, I’ve been quietly and diligently delving into this important subject.

Shortly, I’ll release a free video series.

In the first video, you’ll discover:

  • How many people get bashed around by their cravings. (You’ll be shocked.)
  • How your super-sized cravings make you eat super-sized foods and become super-sized.
  • How cravings rob you of your power.
  • And you’ll learn what cravings are.

But, trust me, I won’t leave you in the lurch without some help.

Then, I’ll guide you through my Cravings Excavating Adventurcise. (That’s what I call an Adventurous Exercise.)

You’ll also find out how to immediately connect with me and with people in the same boat as you—those, who also have cravings challenges.

Rather than more reveal details now, stay tuned for an announcement in a day or two.

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It’s Time to Stand Up, Speak out & Serve

Cravings-Crushing Monday Feature: I'm Conquering My Fears to Speak to Serve You (Announcing My New Column)

The time has come for me to make a deep, dark, vulnerable admission.

I have a deep fear of public speaking. What’s more, I’m utterly terrified to do videos, especially posting them on YouTube.

Unfortunately, my deep fear of public speaking — along with my preference to write and research in private, coach quietly via phone, enjoy peaceful time near the beach, hang out with one or a few close friends or loved ones — is preventing me from achieving my treasured mission and audacious goals, which is to inspire, guide and serve millions worldwide.

In short, my fear of both public speaking and doing videos is in direct opposition to my core beliefs, cherished dreams, and bold vision for the future.

Not giving enough talks is holding me back. And I’m fed up.

It’s high time for me to Stand Up, Speak out and Serve!

Is it time for you, too, to get out, speak and serve?

Since I”m now preparing and training to Speak to Serve™, I’ve decided to create a new column, in which I’ll periodically tell you about my speaking adventures and share insights and tips from heart-centered speakers and authors, who can help those of us with speaking fears. (For instance, I’ve already received wonderful help from the awesome Jeff Walker and Lisa Sasevich, whose tips I’ll share in future posts.)

Why am I finally making a public confession about my speaking fears? (more…)

Popcorn is Not a Dieter’s Best Friend

A Cravings-Crushing Monday Feature: Those Puffy Nibbles Aren't a "Free" Food

Popcorn is not a healthy dieter’s best friend.

Sure, you may read or heard that otherwise, but you’ve been misled.
Sure, it can be challenging to resist popcorn and other junk food, especially at movie theaters. The tantalizing sight, smell and possibly sounds of popcorn popping are tough to ignore.

But by gobbling a lot of popcorn, you’re overloading carbage (my phrase for carb gargage).

The equation is simple: Popcorn = Sugar

Just look at nutritional contents of popcorn and you’ll be shocked.

A medium bag, for instance — as shown in the image above from top cartoonist Isabella Bannerman — racks up a whopping 1,200 calories, 60 grams of fat and 83 grams of carbs. (Divide that by four to come up with the teaspoons of sugar.)

In effect, when you mindlessly shovel the contents of a medium popcorn into your mouth, you’re flooding your bloodstream with some 20.75 tsp. of sugar in one sitting, thereby vastly exceeding the American Heart Association’s recommendations of six tsp. of added sugars per day for women. (And I recommend that we consume far less.)

Let’s face it though. It’s easy to ignore the popcorn facts. I know I did back in 2012 to mid-2013, while reeling after the death of my mom and struggling with grief and PSTD.

Popcorn is Not a Healthy Diet Food

Now learn more why popcorn is not a healthy diet food.


Want Sweet? Grab Sour

Craving something sweet? Eat something bitter.


Although it’s been common wisdom for decades that you can lessen your interest in sweets by eating something bitter, now there’s scientific evidence that this folk remedy really works.

Enter such wonderful foods as arugula, chicory, broccoli rabe, grapefruit, sauerkraut or kimchee.

The Scientific Research: Neuroscientists at Ohio State University conducted studies to isolate the taste-bud cells responsible for sweet and bitter tastes.

They discovered that the cells for these polar-opposite tastes physically overlap. So when taste-bud cells release peptides in response to a bitter food, these signals can override signals stimulated by sugary foods and the cravings associated with sweets.

Your Simple Steps:


Join Us on Cravings-Crushing Monday

Get Weekly Help to Crush Your Cravings so You Can Slim Down, Get Energy & Seize Your Power

For many people who blow their diets, Monday is often the day they plan to finally get back on track with their diet.


Monday is when reality hits hard. Over the weekend, many ate chips, candies or other unhealthy, processed foods or drinks.

“I’ll start a diet again on Monday,” many clients have confessed to me.

Monday, and even Sunday night, is often when self-loathing and excessive self-recriminations set set in. So let’s put Monday remorse to our advantage.

Join us on what I call Cravings-Crushing Monday.

Monday, after a weekend of blowing your diet, you want to begin to take charge and consider why you were triggered and why those triggers led to overpowering, insidious, can’t-ignore, Crazy Cravings™, as I call them.


Seriously? Shocking!

A Day Promoting Junk Food?




Today is National Junk Food Day.

Why devote any attention to promoting the very processed, nutrient-deprived foods that can make you gain weight, develop diseases galore and cut your life short?

This day is an abomination to those of us, who are dedicated to helping those of you, who struggle with sugar addiction, carb addiction and cravings for the very junk foods that can fatten you up, trigger diseases galore, and possibly make you die before your time.

In fact, if I had my druthers, today would be National No Junk Food Day.

Please join me.

Rise up and eat healthy, wholesome, sugar-free, gluten-free foods instead so you can be happy, healthy and energetic.

Join the Conversation: What do you think of this alarming idea to designate a National Junk Food Day? Post your thoughts here.

Movie Popcorn Shocker

Eating Popcorn is Like Overdosing on Sugar! A Cravings-Crushing Monday Feature


What’s one of the first things you do upon arriving in a movie theater? When accosted by the tantalizing sights, sounds and smells of movie popcorn, many buy a bucket of the stuff.

Nearly four years ago — while reeling after the death of my mother, her inadvertent abuse of me and my resulting PTSD — I found it tough to pass up on movie popcorn.

Never before has popcorn held such massive, overpowering allure to me. For months after Mom died, I was trapped in a huge movie popcorn-eating cycle. Usually, I didn’t even care (or notice) that the popcorn didn’t taste that great.

I just couldn’t get enough of the fiber-stripped, nutrient-lacking carbs.

Within a few months, my popcorn bingeing, along with other “carb sinning,” made me gain 21 unwanted pounds, as well as often feel anxious, confused, sluggish, depressed, and overly emotional.

Sure, I wasn’t eating sugar, but of course, I was lying to myself. Worse still, I was in major sugar denial. After all, Popcorn = Fast Carbs = Sugar.