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For many people who blow their diets, Monday is often the day they plan to finally get back on track with their diet.


Monday is when reality hits hard. Over the weekend, many ate chips, candies or other unhealthy, processed foods or drinks.

“I’ll start a diet again on Monday,” many clients have confessed to me.

Monday, and even Sunday night, is often when self-loathing and excessive self-recriminations set in. So let’s put Monday remorse to our advantage.

Join us on what I call Cravings-Crushing Monday.

Monday, after a weekend of blowing your diet, you want to begin to take charge and consider why you were triggered and why those triggers led to overpowering, insidious, can’t-ignore, Crazy Cravings™, as I call them.


The First Step to Quit Sugar

Dig Up Your Sugar Truth so You Can Break Free -- A Cravings-Crushing Monday Feature

People often ask me, “Connie, what’s the very first thing I should do help me kick my sugar habit for good?”

This has been one of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) I’ve been receiving for the past 18 years, ever since I reluctantly quit sweets and processed carbs on doctor’s orders. (For those of you want some help with the math, that was in 1998.)

So let me speed up your kick-sugar process.

The first things to do to Crush Your Cravings and quit processed sweets and carbs is to Dig Up Your Sugar Truth.

This is a conclusion I’ve reached after coaching and guiding thousands of sugar addicts, who long to ditch destructive dessert patterns, conquer carb fantasies and break free.

FYI, I use the word “sugar” to apply to agave, honey, barley malt or any processed carb.

Admittedly, it may be a little challenging or even embarrassing or downright disgusting to think about your Sugar Truth, but soon you’ll find it enlightening and eye-opening. It also will kick your butt!

Indeed, it’s so important and helpful for you to find out why you want that donut or Danish now.


How to Ward off a Popcorn Urge

A Cravings-Crushing Monday Feature: My First Interview in Years for the Free Yourself From Dieting... Losing Weight from the Inside Out Summit

This week, for Cravings-Crushing Monday, I’m going to share one ridiculously easy way to get a handle on your popcorn bingeing. However, this week, instead of writing about the tool, I’m urging you to listen to my first interview in about three years so you can discover how to take control of your popcorn intake while in the movie theater or when you’re on the run.

I share this really remarkable Popcorn-Ignoring Tool in an interview I gave to Denise Barry for her Free Yourself From Dieting… Losing Weight From the Inside Out Summit.


Sugar Shocker! Are You Overloading on Hidden Sweeteners? (Part 2)

A Cravings-Crushing Feature: You Be Unknowingly Gorging on 60 to 90 Tsp. of Added Sweeteners Each Day!

It’s time to get Sugar Shocked. Every day, you may be among millions, who are unknowingly gorging on some 60 to 90 teaspoons of Sneaky Hidden Sugars™, as I call them.

Without realizing it, you may be overdosing on hidden sweeteners a whopping 22 times a day, as I revealed in Part 1 of this blog post

How did I arrive at this astounding figure?


Are You Overdosing on Hidden Sugars? (Part 1 of 2)

A Cravings-Crushing Mondays™ Feature: Get the Shocking Sugar Truth!

You’re probably overdosing on some 60 to 90 teaspoons of Sneaky Hidden Sugars™—as I call them—at least 22 times a day.

Indeed, you may be dipping in and out of Sugar Shock for much of your day, and you may be unknowingly sabotaging your weight-loss efforts every single time you eat foods from cans, jars or packages.  How can you be eating that much sugar?


The Insomnia-Carb-Cravings Connection

A Cravings-Crushing Monday Feature

It happens to many of us: We spend a night tossing and turning and then the next day, we’re blearily dragging ourselves through work, meetings, family obligations, or other planned activities.

Your head may ache, you find it hard to stay focused, your energy levels plummet, and almost inevitably, you crave just about every donut, bagel or chocolate chip cookie in sight.

Sound familiar?

Sure, you can blame your sleeplessness on stress, your late-night meal, your late-afternoon coffee, your hormones, lots of EMF, or a loud neighbor. Or maybe you just needed to run to the restroom.

Whatever the reasons, you want and need to go back to sleep.

Next week, I’ll share 7 Ways to Get Back to Sleep, but now, you need to know about the all-important Insomnia-Carb-Cravings-Connection.

Not enough sleep can bring on wicked carb cravings — the kind that are really tough to resist.


Want Sweets? Try Cinnamon Instead

Cravings-Crushing Monday™ Presents a Fast, Easy Tool

One of the tastiest ways to nix your sugar cravings is with a spice you probably have in your cupboard right now: Cinnamon.

You may know this culinary spice for the warm, aromatic flavor it gives baked goods.

Cinnamon, in my opinion, is one undervalued space.

Indeed, cinnamon has been treasured for more than 3,000 years for its medicinal


For instance, cinnamon has been used to treat muscle spasms, vomiting, diarrhea, infections, the common cold, loss of appetite, erectile dysfunction and many other conditions. Pretty impressive for an ingredient derived from the bark of a small evergreen tree.


7 Reasons It’s Good To Cry

A Cravings-Crushing Monday Feature

It’s Cravings-Crushing Monday, and today, I have a confession. Lately, I’ve become a big crier.

I’ve been that way for nearly four years since my mother died and all those tears began to turbo-charge my healing.

Until recently, I’ve been really embarrassed by all my sobbing in public.

Now. I’m rethinking my attitude. Why should I — or you — be embarrassed if we cry in front of other people?

After all: Crying, the research shows, is good for you.

For my part, recently, it’s been impossible for me to turn off the waterworks or anticipate when my tears would flow. For instance:

  • After Mom passed away, I cried during high-intensity Zumba or spinning classes at the gym, while watching a film with a loving mother and daughter and a myriad of other reasons such as anger, grief, blame, shame, depression, shock and those nagging what ifs.
  • The floodgates also opened perhaps hundreds?  of times while I wrote and edited the introduction to my next book, Crush Your Cravings and admitted to my own Crazy Cravings after the death of my mother.
  • Then, a month ago, while taking three yoga classes at the Seduction of Spirit workshop with the Chopra Center, I had to dart out of the room several times to sob privately in the ladies room. (Yoga, as I’ll share in a future blog post, can unlock your emotions.)
  • Two weeks ago, while going indoor skydiving as a group breakthrough activity with our coach, the heart-centered entrepreneur Lisa Sasevich, tears again came out of nowhere. As before, I quickly sought refuge in the bathroom so I could weep alone.
  • And this past weekend, while eagerly planning to help millions at the amazing PLF (Product Launch Formula) Live event with Jeff Walker and 1,000 attendees, I had to hurriedly leave the seminar several times to let loose with weeping in the restroom.

Although I’ve been embarrassed and ashamed that I’ve been crying in public places and professional workshops, I now realize that I’ve been wrong.

Crying is very therapeutic.

  • Each time, after I shed tears, I felt incredibly relieved, soothed, invigorated.
  • After crying, I became determined to help sugar and carb addicts worldwide.
  • Plus, the more I’ve cried, the less I craved those crappy carbs that called out to me after losing Mom.

Now I’m curious. Why has crying gotten such a bad rap?


Eating Too Many Calories?

Guest Post from Nutrition Myth Buster Jonny Bowden: Get The Truth About Fat Loss This Week

Today, it’s s my pleasure to present a guest blog post from my friend and colleague Jonny Bowden, aka “The Nutrition Myth Buster.” An internationally recognized board-certified nutritionist (with a PhD in holistic nutrition), Jonny has written 15 books, including the controversial The Great Cholesterol Myth. He has spoken at conferences around the world, appeared on  “The Dr. Oz, Show,” “The Doctors” and every major television network, and has written or contributed to articles in over 200 print and online publications, from The New York Times to The National Enquirer. This week, Jonny is presenting his exciting Truth About Fat Loss Summit, which features 30-plus experts in from today, April 25, through May 2, 2016. Now, here’s Jonny’s fascinating blog post. (Please note that Jonny’s post replaces the regular Cravings-Crushing Mondays feature.)

One of the biggest myths about weight loss is that “it’s all about calories”.

Every one of us has been indoctrinated with the idea that we get fat because we eat too many calories.

“Calories in, calories out” has been the mantra of the diet establishment for the past 40 years.

Just think about the number of times you’ve heard this refrain:

If you eat more calories than you burn”, (experts have told us,, “you will gain weight.
But if you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight

Simple, right?

Except for one thing. It’s not true.

Well, let me amend that slightly. It’s MOSTLY not true.

Calories do count—but when it comes to gaining and losing body fat, they are very far from the complete story.

One of the many truths that emerged from the thirty plus hours of in-depth interviews with the world’s greatest experts in my upcoming Truth About Fat Loss Summit was this:

A calorie is NOT just a calorie. And all calories are very far from being created equally.


The Power of a Puzzle to Crush Your Cravings

Your Cravings-Crushing Monday™ Pointer

Have you ever watched a magician perform a trick in which your attention was distracted long enough for you to be completely fooled by what that person is doing?

You can easily perform a similar sleight of hand to diminish or ditch your food cravings. And like other Cravings-Crushers I share, this is simple, but powerful.

Although I’ve been recommending distraction as an easy, effective Cravings-Crushing technique for years, there’s now legitimate research, which validates this simple tool.  What’s especially wonderful is that even people, who are highly sensitive to visual cues can use this fast method.

Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to distract yourself, given the proliferation of transportable video games and phone apps such as Angry Birds and Subway Surfers.

Although I like to call this technique “Distract Away Your Cravings,” psychologists and brain researchers use the fancy phrase, “mental resource blocking.” Now, learn more about these fascinating findings.

The Science: In two separate studies done in Holland, brain researchers at the Leiden University Institute for Brain and Cognition tested two large groups of people to determine their sensitivity to food cues and the intensity of the cravings these cues triggered. Then the scientists tested the study participants after they distracted themselves from their food cravings by solving a puzzle. (more…)