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Indeed, to best serve you, I need to know your weaknesses, strengths and goals.

Which brings me to the reason for this post.

Since my goal is to help you easily, effortlessly Crush every single one of your cravings, I’m running a Cravings Survey.

I’ve spent weeks creating, developing and refining this Cravings Survey.

By answering questions about your cravings, I’ll be able to give you tips and tools to help you triumph over your trigger foods, specific times of day when you’re most vulnerable, and ways to get you through tough times.

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Overextended? Overwhelmed?

Sometimes It's Best to Regroup & Readjust Your Schedule -- Why Cravings-Crushing Mondays™ Are Starting Later

Have you ever felt so overextended and overwhelmed that just can’t get everything done that you’d planned?womanjugglingResized

About a billion or more of us feel that way, as you can discover by Googling the word “overwhelmed” or the phrase, “too much to do.”

This brings me to my Cravings-Crushing Mondays™ Confession.

At the beginning of the year, I’d excitedly, joyfully, energetically announced that Cravings-Crushing Mondays were starting.

Since I’ve done so much research about cravings for the past three years for my upcoming book, Crush Your Crazy Cravings, I’m eager to begin to give you a few of the many simple, powerful cool tools I’ve either discovered or created.

But I erroneously acted like I was Superwoman! On and off during the past six weeks, I’ve been so overextending myself, scrambling to get too much done in too short a period of time.

My whirlwind schedule led to my getting the flu and becoming wiped out several times. (I also got a bad fatigue-reaction to some herbs I was taking. or was is my years-old Lyme disease?)

So here are a few things I’ve been doing to get ready to serve you. Recently, I’ve been:


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Crazy Cravings™ for sugary, fatty, salty foods can, as you, of course, know, can be insistent, frustrating, and downright exasperating. I’m determined to help you triumph over these badly behaving, annoying intruders. But to give you the easiest, simplest, most powerful tools to Crush Your Crazy Cravings™ (as I put it), I need your input. So please take my 2016 Reader Survey now.

Please Take My Cravings Survey

frequency-survey-scale-1-1236504As you’ll soon see, this 2016 Reader Survey is really easy to fill out. You tell me about your cravings and then I’ll bring you the most effective, portable, innovative tips and tools so you can easily, effortlessly Crush Your Crazy Cravings, break free of food obsessions, shed weight for good and take back your Sweet Power.

To best serve your need, I need to know more about you and your cravings.  Bear in mind that when you take my 2016 Reader Survey, you’re sharing insights so I can help you and many like you.



Connie Bennett



Connie Bennett, CHHC, CPC, ACC
The Cravings Crusher™
Author of Sugar Shock, Beyond Sugar Shock: The 6-Week Plan to Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction & Get Slimmer, Sexier & Sweeter and the upcoming Crush Your Crazy Cravings.


Please Take My Cravings Survey

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Crush Your Crazy Cravings™ for Sugary, Salty, Fatty Junk Foods

Cravings-Crushing Mondays Begins -- Hope, Help or Tools Every Week

You know how absolutely awful it feels to be in the stranglehold of an overpowering urge to eat—or, rather scarf— a certain bad-for-you nonfood?

Do you feel like a hamster trapped on a spinning wheel—and against your will, you’re driven this urgent, burning, panicky need to shovel that edible junk food into your mouth now?


Then, do you find that you just can’t stop thinking or fantasizing about your favorite donut, popcorn or [fill in the name of your preferred drug—okay, I mean, your trigger food]?

Even worse, do those junk foods keep calling out to you so you’ll ear or binge on them?

Do the enticing-looking, savory-smelling goodies seem to beckon you, pleading “E-a-t me, e-a-t me?”

Throw stress into the mix, and you have a disastrous recipe for bingeing on unhealthy foods loaded with sugar, fat or salt.

Then add your time of month or time of life, grief, challenges with your honey or mother, work woes or other compelling reasons, and danger is on the way.

In short, do you get “possessed”—or so it feels—by what I call Crazy Cravings™?

But I’m here to bring you help every week. Welcome to Cravings-Crushing Mondays…

Crazy Cravings are the SINGLE Biggest Hurdle to Health & Weight-Loss Success

Why am I doing Cravings-Crushing Mondays?

After spending 17 years helping people break free of their dangerous sugar and carb addiction, I’ve come to realize that the single biggest hurdle to weight-loss success is Crazy Cravings.

Indeed, ask anyone seeking to shed excess pounds and she or he will unleash a torrent of complaints about overpowering, can’t-ignore, Crazy Cravings for fiber-stripped, sugary, fatty or salty snacks and “treats.”

Typically, the whine goes like this:

“I always promise myself to go on a diet, eating only healthy, slimming foods.

“I start out with a bang. I’ll be ‘good’ for a day, a week or even several months.

“Then, suddenly one day—usually when I pass a donut shop, fast-food joint or candy store and I’m dealing with stress, frustration or that time of month—one sight of the goodies in the shop window and a whiff of the sweet aroma sends me dashing inside.

“I then become `possessed’ by an urgent need for a sweet roll or [fill in the name of your biggest trigger food]. I feel that it’s calling out to me!

“Pretty soon, I’ll zone out, mindlessly polish off one, two, three or more of [put in your trigger food], and I just can’t stop. Within days, weeks or months, I’ve gained five, 20, 40 pounds.

“It’s awful. I feel so out of control. I hate being a slave to my Crazy Cravings!”

Darn—or, if you like it, add your preferred expletive here—those Crazy Cravings can derail the most well-intentioned of us.

When our sudden, unpredictable Crazy Cravings take hold of us, our best-planned diet intentions can quickly slide down a gutter as if they were misbehaving bowling balls.

But you don’t have to be at the mercy of your Crazy Cravings…

It’s time to take charge, and I’ll be here all year on Cravings-Crushing Mondays to give you fast, convenient information and tools to whip out at a moment’s notice in our fast, convenience-driven world.

What are Cravings-Crushing Mondays?

Since many people blow their diets over the weekend and plan to get back to healthy eating the first day of the week, I’m presenting Cravings Crushing Mondays.

Every week in 2016, you’ll get fast, convenient, science-backed tips, tools and pointers so you can easily eat clean despite our fast, convenience-driven culture.

Coming Up Next: Later this week, learn why I’m now specializing in Crazy Cravings. In short, you’ll discover How I Became the Cravings-Crusher.



Who is Connie Bennett?

Acclaimed, bestselling author Connie Bennett—aka The Cravings Crusher™—is the internationally recognized bestselling author of Sugar Shock (Berkley Books, 2006) and Beyond Sugar Shock (Hay House, 2012). One or both books were praised Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Daniel Amen, Dr. Mark Hyman and many others. For 17 years—since kicking sweets and processed carbs on doctor’s orders due to her 44 baffling ailments—Connie has been guiding people to joyously ditch their sugar or carb addiction. Connie is now completing her next book, Crush Your Crazy Cravings™ (publication date TBA), because in late 2012, after her mother’s long terminal illness and difficult death, the health expert was pounced on by her own Crazy Cravings. Now, Connie is sharing super-simple, science-based secrets she discovered during her three-plus year investigation of the subject.

Join the Crazy-Cravings Conversation: When do junk foods do you most crave?

Be a Cravings-Crushing Hero!

Share this post with your loved ones, friends and colleagues, who often can resist their Crazy Cravings for sugary, salt, fatty junk foods.

Do You Feel Chased by Sugar Cravings & Salt Cravings?

Get Help to Crush Your Crazy Cravings™ on Cravings-Crushing Mondays™

Do you often feel like that your sugar cravings, carb cravings, fat cravings or salt cravings are chasing you?

ConnieB Chasing 1227

In short, do you feel hounded, haunted or harassed by what I call Crazy Cravings™?

Do your fierce, wild, seemingly irrational urges for sugary, salty, fatty, fiber-stripped, nutrient-deprived, ultra-refined snacks and “treats” suddenly strike you like vultures swooping in to nab their doomed prey?

Next, do you find that you can’t stop thinking, fantasizing or obsessing about your favorite cupcakes, pretzels, popcorn or [fill in the name of your preferred drug—okay, I mean, your trigger food]?

Then, do your Crazy Cravings for your favorite junk foods wrest your control from you, rule you and ultimately strip you of your power?

Soon, without your knowing how or why it happened, your good intentions to diet or eat healthily vanish.

You eat — or most likely, binge — with speed, ferocity and mindlessness like a runaway train that’s gone off its tracks. Soon, the numbers on the scale rise and your health backslides.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Take heart. Help is here.

It is my pleasure to announce that early every Monday morning in 2016, I’ll share fast, easy, convenient tips to help you easily thrive and rise above your Crazy Cravings  in this fast, convenience-driven world.

On Cravings-Crushing Mondays, you’ll discover:

  • Why Crazy Cravings chase you and how or why you’ll continue to be a target;
  • The biggest reasons people get Crazy Cravings;
    • Quick, powerful tools, which have been either discovered by scientists from universities or hospitals around the world;


Get Inspired by Anti-Sugar & Exercise Pioneer Jack LaLanne

Let the Fitness Guru Motivate You as You Make New Year's Resolutions

As you make your New Year’s Resolutions, I invite you to get inspired by the fitness and anti-sugar pioneer Jack LaLanne, who passed away five years ago at  the age of 96.  Although he is no longer with us, his motivating message can get you motivated in a big way.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - 1986: (FILE PHOTO) Former bodybuilder and fitness guru Jack LaLanne shows off his muscles during a 1986 photo portrait session in Beverly Hills, California. From 1951 to 1984, LaLanne hosted a TV fitness and exercise show. Fitness and health pioneer Jack Lalanne died on January 23, 2011 at his home in Morro Bay, California. He was 96-years-old. Lalanne's death was caused by respiratory failure from pneumonia. Lalanne is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – 1986: (FILE PHOTO) Former bodybuilder and fitness guru Jack LaLanne shows off his muscles during a 1986 photo portrait session in Beverly Hills, California. From 1951 to 1984, LaLanne hosted a TV fitness and exercise show. Fitness and health pioneer Jack Lalanne died on January 23, 2011 at his home in Morro Bay, California. He was 96-years-old. Lalanne’s death was caused by respiratory failure from pneumonia. Lalanne is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter. (Photo by George Rose/Getty Images)

Listen now to this energetic, enthusiastic, legendary health expert, who I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing  several times, including when I presented an award to him in person.

This remarkable health guru was far ahead of his times.

Indeed, decades before Americans realized the value of fitness, Jack opened his first own health spa and, of course, worked out regularly himself.

In addition, decades before people knew that sugar was bad for you, Jack spurned the sweet stuff.

More importantly, because of Jack LaLanne’s determination to stay healthy, fit and happy, he thrived.

The idea of “just surviving” or “getting by” was completely  foreign to him.

Now, listen to this Gab with the Gurus show in honor of Jack LaLanne.

As I mentioned here, I’ve had the pleasure to interview Jack several times.

I encourage you to listen now to my Tribute Show to Jack LaLanne, the enthusiastic, energetic Kind of Fitness and Sugar-Free Pioneer. (The tribute includes my interview with Jack LaLanne on May 1, 2008, right after I’d celebrated 10 years sugar free.)

Please join me anytime. I invite you to listen to my Tribute Show now.

Listen now.

What most inspires you about my Gab with the Gurus interview with the fitness giant?

Connie’s Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Coconut Cacao Nib Cookies

Make Healthy Treats in this Season of Sugar Overload

Recently, a major cookie company sought my business during The Season of Sugar Overload, as I call it.

CacaoNibCookiesObviously, the firm didn’t realize that its snazzy, color photos of sugary, buttery, super-sweet concoctions would NOT appeal to me, a dedicated anti-sugar advocate since 1998, when I quit sugar on doctor’s orders.

Indeed, I feel so healthy, energetic and happy by staying sugar-free — as I have for the past 17 years — that easily abstain.

But what about the millions of people who also received this or another tempting catalog filled with sugar-filled “goodies” galore? Inevitably, many will succumb to the holiday marketing hype and order cookies.

In fact, 39 percent of 3,000 shoppers surveyed said they were likely to buy gifts through the mail such as with a mail order cookie catalog, according to a 2015 nationwide survey of 3,000 people performed by Epsilon.

But you, dear reader, need to know that continually loading up on sugary, carb-loaded junk can leave you feeling terrible and harm your long-term health.

But, wait. You can enjoy yourself this holiday season. And you indulge in yummy, health-supportive ways.

To show you how you can enjoy healthy, sugar-free treats, I’m sharing my recipe for Connie’s Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, Coconut Cacao Nib Cookies.

This paleo-style recipe, sweetened with low-glycemic index stevia, won’t mess with your waistline or blood sugar levels.

Not only are these cookies gluten-free, nut-free and vegan, but this nourishing treat features superfoods such as coconut, which contains immune system-strengthening lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids, which keep your cardiovascular system strong.

Then, instead of sugary chocolate chips, Connie’s Clean Coconut Cacao Nib Cookies features a smattering of antioxidant-strong cacao nibs. (That’s basically raw, unprocessed, unsweetened chocolate.

Let me know how you and your family like them!

Connie’s Paleo Coconut Cacao Nib Cookies

Makes about 12

Rich with the immune-system-boosting benefits of coconut flour, coconut oil and cacao, this “Connie-approved” cookie is not only nourishing, but it’s delicious. Plus, you can eat one without worrying that it will set off a tsunami of rebound sugar cravings.


17 Ways to Recover from a Sugar Overdose

Lessons from My My Horrid, Accidental Sugar Hangovers

You know how drunk people stagger, lose coordination, and get mentally confused?  Well, if you’d seen me earlier this week, you might have assumed I was sloshed on booze.

But I wasn’t recovering from alcohol overuse. Instead, recently, I had a horrible Sugar Hangover.


And I felt utterly a-w-f-u-l!

What irks and embarrasses me is that I ate sugar by mistake. Because I know better, it should have been easy for me to avoid.

For those of you who haven’t heard my story, I’ve been sugar-free since the spring of 1998, when I quit all sweets and processed carbohydrates on doctor’s orders.

As a result, all 44 of my baffling ailments vanished. They went poof! Nagging symptoms, such as horrid headaches, overwhelming dizziness, and unsettling anxiety disappeared. I was truly “reborn.”

Now, 17 years later, that’s why staying off sugar and quickie carbs is so important to me.

I feel awesome when I’m sugar-free. Eating cleanly makes me energetic, focused, and puts me at the top of my game.

But I feel horrible if I partake of any sweeteners.

Although I haven’t been totally perfect—I slipped a few times early on in my sugar sobriety—I’m always diligent about reading food labels and quizzing waiters so I can avoid all hidden sugars.

But, recently, I let my guard down and inadvertently ingested the sweet stuff.

Here’s what happened a few days ago, while I was at the movie theater.

How Hidden Sugars Nabbed Me

My accidental Sugar Poisoning was my own darn fault.

I know how important it is to always, always, always read food labels very, very, very carefully, —even if a food is allegedly “healthy.” That way I can identity any hidden sugars.

By hidden sugars, I don’t just mean sucrose or brown sugar. I also mean honey, agave nectar, barley malt, coconut sugar, inulin, evaporated cane juice, cane sugar, maltodextrin, monk fruit, eand so on


3 Ways to Stop Thanksgiving Overeating

Easy Tools so You Won't Gain Weight this Holiday Season

Ah, Thanksgiving…a day of togetherness and celebration, a day set aside for expressing gratitude for our many blessings. Nowadays, though, this holiday — smack in the middle of The Season of Sugar Overload — has become synonymous with pigging out. To many, it’s a foodie free-for-all, which can lead you to gain weight, while playing havoc with your moods and plunging you into self-hating remorse. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Read on to discover 3 Easy Mindset Shifts to Stop Holiday Overeating.

Thanksgiving festive-food-1388406500q51 (2)
1. Grow Bigger Eyes

You probably know the expression, “My eyes were bigger than my stomach?” This holiday is the perfect time for you to look at this old adage in a new way. Instead of using the maxim to explain away the mound of food on your plate, take this as a goal: You want to Grow Bigger Eyes to see a grander, better vision of yourself. In that split-second moment that you decide how much to serve yourself at a family-style meal or buffet or as you are trying to say “No more, please” to your host, envision how you’d like to look and feel next week, next month, next year.


3 Simple Steps to Soar Through the Holidays & Not Pig Out

How to NOT Overeat This Season of Sugar Overloading

The Season of Sugar Overloading is now underway, kicked off, of course, by last week’s Day of Candy Pushing (i.e. Halloween).  People often ask me how I’ve been able to soar undaunted through 16 holidays — yes, I’ve stayed sugar-free (well, mostly) for sixteen years — which means that I’ve been able to feel energetic, focused and healthy. Plus, Crazy Cravings — as I call them just don’t bother me anymore. Today, I’ll share 3 Simple Steps to Soar through the Holidays so that you’ll discover How to NOT Overeat this Season of Sugar Overloading.

Flying Bird - John Cobb


To begin, let me reassure you that it can be very easy for you to Say No to sweets and other processed “treats” this holiday season so that you won’t gain weight, will have more energy, and be more cheerful.

1. Be Driven by Your Vision

The best way to Thrive and Not Overeat this Season of Sugar Overload is stay focused on your desired outcome. Would you like to easily turn down sugar-pushing relatives or friends, when they charmingly offer you once-tempting dessert foods or carbohydrate-rich snacks, which, you know — based on years’ past — can quickly lead you to overeat, gain weight, and feel sluggish? The way to eat cleanly sugar-free is to begin every day Driven by Your Vision. See that you’ve already succeeded. Would you like to lose 15 pounds in the next two months so that next year you’ll fit into your slim dress? Imagine that you’re already done it. Would you like to be mostly happy this holiday season (well, emergencies excluded)? Begin your morning by thinking about your wonderful outcome. Know that you’ve accomplished it. Then, throughout the day, whenever you’re tempted by sweets or other quickie-carb temptations, flip on your sweet, sugar-free vision.

2. See the Opposite Outcome