Thanks to the “Diet King”: Featured on Blog

Thanks so much to “Diet King” Adam Wilk for his really nice post today, which featured this, my website, and more!

See what Adam said by visiting his or read the entire entry below:

“Say Hello To Connie Bennett!

“I received such a nice email last night from Connie Bennett, the author of the upcoming book, “SUGAR SHOCK!”

“You should check out her website, “” for lots of valuable information on the latest news regarding the problems excessive sugar consumption presents. You’ll also get to learn her story, how she struggled for years, going from doctor to doctor, trying to figure out what was causing her myriad of symptoms mimicking other diseases. Finally, one wise physician cleared her diet of all refined/processed carbohydrates and yes, her symptoms began fading away. Now it is her mission to help others escape the clutches of sugar addiction–she’s doing this through her website and her terrifically clean, easy-to-read-and-navigate blog, aptly titled,

“So, let’s welcome Connie to the carbohydrate wars! By the way, her cartoons are adorable, too.”

Adam Wilk/Diet King

(Connie again, here.) By the way, Adam has a gift for setting scenes and putting you (the reader) right there. After reading one of his entries, which was quite funny —  it was about his starting a low-carb diet — I got so curious that I went ahead and ordered his book.

As you can probably tell, I enjoy finding and meeting fellow writers, especially ones whose writing has a real flair and pizazz. (‘Course, I’m more timid than Adam — I don’t have his guts as far as using certain words!! )

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  1. Way to go Connie! This is great. The more that people acknowledge the damaging effects of sugar, the more we as a society can work to limit its use. I don’t think sugar, per se, is bad but it is its ubiquitous use that really is a problem.

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