It’s Easy to Get Duped by Food Labels

If you’re trying to cut out sugar or curtail your consumption of it to shed weight, manage your hypoglycemia or type 2 diabetes, or reduce your risk of heart disease, you need to read food labels if and when you buy packaged foods.

That’s because many foods may contain sugar, even if you don’t think they do.

And if you rush while shopping at the supermarket, you’ll never know about the hidden sugars.

After 15 years of being mostly sugar-free, you’d think I would have known better to catch sweetened foods.

But darn, I forgot to t follow my own advice last night, because I was really hungry and hurriedly snapped up a few items so I could hurry home to cook my dinner.

Sure enough, I got duped by tasty-looking crumbled goat cheese, which I’d been eagerly looking forward to adding to my salad..

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It wasn’t until I got home and was close to opening the package when I realized my oversight.

My crumbled goat cheese contained sugar. In fact, it had 4 grams or 1 teaspoon, enough to cause havoc in my sugar-sensitive body.

Of course, if I’d taken a moment to read the label while still at the grocery store, I would have quickly caught the sugar and been able to buy unsweetened goat cheese instead.

No wonder people get so confused when buying packaged foods.

No wonder people eat lots of added sugars without even realizing it.


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