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Joshua Rosenthal, Dr. Richard Linchitz & Others Are Involved in The Smart Diet Habits of Highly Successful Losers

Note from Connnie: Please note that the title of my second book has changed. It is called Beyond Sugar Shock, not The Smart Diet Habits of Highly Successful Losers, as originally planned. 

Naturally, when you buy a health or diet book, you want to know if any celebrities and health experts are behind it.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that The Smart Diet Habits of Highly Successful Losers has the participation of some cutting-edge people in the fields of health and wellness.

In fact, some acclaimed people already have come on board.

Baden First of all, respected integrative physician Richard M. Linchitz, M.D. – a cancer survivor himself — will serve as medical consultant for The White-Out Diet.

Dr. Linchitz’s story is amazing. Back in 1998, he was diagnosed with lung cancer (despite never having smoked).

His doctor delivered a bleak diagnosis — he told him that 55 percent of
lung cancer patients people lived for only five years.

Despite the negative news, Dr. Linchitz recovered by making massive changes to his diet and lifestyle.

In fact, Dr. Linchtiz will share his tale in The Smart Diet Habits of Highly Successful Losers. And together, we’ll offer offer his tips so you, too, can achieve optimal health and possibly even put cancer at bay.

Joshua_message_pic In addition, I’m pleased to announce that Joshua Rosenthal MScEd,
the acclaimed founder and director of the Institute for Integrative
(IIN), the largest nutrition school in the country, is writing the introduction.

As I’ve indicated a number of times on my Sugar Shock Blog,
I attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2005 to 2006, and
found this to be a rewarding, uplifting and enriching experience for a
number of different reasons.

off, one of the most exciting things about attending IIN was that we
regularly listened to lectures from big-name, stellar guest lecturers — people like Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, eating disorder specialist Geneen Roth and Dr. Walter Willett of Harvard. What’s
more, the camaraderie was wonderful. It was exciting to meet all those
positive, wonderful students, fellow grads and staffers.

Dr. Linchitz and Joshua, I believe, are at the forefront of a
fast-growing movement to transform the health of Americans. You can get
a flavor for the impact that IIN and Joshua are having by reading his Integrative Nutrition Blog.

Just look at all the topics the Integrative Nutrition Blog has covered.

Check out, for instance, Joshua’s intriguing post, “Living a Holistic Life,” on the Integrative Nutrition  Blog. And read this important one, “Good Foods, Lower Medical Bills,” too.

Back to The Smart Diet Habits of Highly Successful Losers. My enthusiasm for IIN sidetracked me.

In addition, another famous person will write the foreword to the book. (Name to be announced soon but it will be someone notable. Dr. Nicholas Perricone wrote the foreword for my first book, SUGAR SHOCK!)

Plus, The Smart Diet Habits of Highly Successful Losers will have a 28-day meal plan created by recognized nutritionist Jill Lane, C.N.C., C.H.F.I. (Readers of SUGAR SHOCK! have been requesting menu suggestions for some time now. FYI, they weren’t included in my first book, because my editor had to bump them or the book would have been too long.)

Also, as with SUGAR SHOCK! (my first book),  The Smart Diet Habits of Highly Successful Losers will get numerous endorsements from respected health, wellness and personal empowerment experts. In fact, some big names already are jumping on board. Check back here for updates.

Some renowned people who endorsed my first book included Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Christiane Northrup, fitness expert Kathy Smith, actress/author Marilu Henner and Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Stay tuned for updates about additional experts as they come on board.

Have you become a Super Friend yet?

Join the movement to bring The Smart Diet Habits of Highly Successful Losers to bookstores and online retailers.

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101 thoughts on “Joshua Rosenthal, Dr. Richard Linchitz & Others Are Involved in The Smart Diet Habits of Highly Successful Losers

  1. It was an intermittent thing that was cropping up so I changed it to another link. It should work for you now. I hope you link my name to see something others,take care!

  2. It was an intermittent thing that was cropping up so I changed it to another link. It should work for you now. I hope you link my name to see something others,take care!

  3. connie diamond – Thank you Jon and Kelsey! What a betfuiaul short film that captured the love and laughter of our amazing wedding day! We can’t wait to see the full length film that we just got in the mail 😉 thanks again!Love-Connie & Alex Diamond

  4. Rachel McGrath – This is beautiful! I cried the enrite time. What an amazing job .a work of art. Two thumbs up over & over again. So glad that Connie & Alex have this to look back on. Amazing!

  5. And the winner is Diane. Thanks for joiinng in, everybody! Watch for more book giveaways coming your way very soon. Diane, please send me your mailing address so I can fw it to the publishers.

  6. So sorry for your loss . If you remember, Connie and I were ibrspaeanle WAY back in our 20 s! I will never forget always being invited to the orphans’ holiday parties by her, no matter what the holiday. You mentioned the No Name Saloon above, ahh, those were the days my friend. We drifted apart as the years went on although we had reconnected a couple times recently, I think of her often. Can’t make the memorial, you’re in my prayers too.Carole Harper

  7. Con’s memorial is set for Saturday, 8/27 after the race day at Nelson Ledges. The race event is the Mahoning Valley National. Anyone is wmlocee. Please bring stories about Con.

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