Sugar Shock Blog Turns 5 Today! How Shall We Celebrate?

Today is the Sugar Shock Blog’s five-year anniversary! Wow!
I may have missed this birthday, but I had to look it up, because today, someone requested more information about me and what I do.
As long-time fans may know — and newer visitors can discover — this Sugar Shock Blog began dedicated to providing health and wellness information, with a focus on providing tips to quit sugar, updates about sugar research and ifnormation about artificial sweeteners, etc. Now its mission and goal has expanded greatly. Over time, we’ve enlarged our focus to help you live a happier, more fulfilling life.
My intention here is to give you content that:
Helps you improve your health and activate your wellness
Shows or tells you how to become personally empowered
Helps you lead a better life, or, as I like to say, Get a Life that Rocks™
Gives you info so you can master social networking and realize your dreams
Tells you about inspiring guests, who will appear or have entertained and educated you on my Gab with the Gurus Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio. These gurus — many of whom have written bestselling books, have a revolutionary product or are appearing in exciting movies or TV shows, etc. — can help you a lot! In fact, there’s nothing like hearing people’s voices to help you. (By the way, Gab with the Gurus turns 3 next week — actually it’s 4 years (because the show began as the Stop Sugar Shock Radio Show.) Stay tuned for an exciting week of shows, which, as usual, you can listen to live or later.
Educates you about cutting edge studies related to sugar, nutrition and more
Helps you improve your relationships
Lets you catch up with me and connect with me
Updates you about my free teleseminars and my Sugar Freedom Now program.
And so much more
For those of you who are new here, let tell you about myself. I’m:
A trained-journalist-turned blogger.
Author of the book, Sugar Shock (from Berkley Books, part of the Penguin Group).
Author of the upcoming book, The Sugar Shock Diet (from Hay House), which I just finished writing. (I’m taking it easy a little before we go into major editing mode shortly.)
A certified life coach (who studied at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching or iPEC), and certified health coach (who trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition or IIN).
Host of the Gab with the Gurus Radio Show, which is how I bring to you many experts from a variety of fields, including health, wellness, personal empowerment, social networking, relationships, dating, fitness, forgiveness, celebrities, etc. Some of my guests have included Dr. Mehmet Oz, Montel Williams, Lisa Rinna, Suzanne Somers, Chris Brogan, Mari Smith, Marianne Williamson, Gretchen Rubin and many more.
People refer to me as a “Sugar Shrew No More,” a Sugar Freedom Coach or Freedom Coach, Sugar Liberator or Smart Habits Girl (which is my handle on Twitter).
So how do you think we should celebrate the Sugar Shock Blog’s five-year anniversary? Please share your ideas here.

Connect on Facebook, Master Your Subconscious Mind & Name My Next Book

Motivating Morsels
This week’s Motivating Morsels will be quick, because I’m supposed to be on bed rest, according to my new neurologist.
4 Quick Things:
1) Post-Concussive Syndrome
2) Name My Next Book – The Follow-Up to Sugar Shock
3) Master your Subconscious Mind with Debra Berndt & Bob Doyle of “The Secret”
4) Connect With me on Facebook & Follow me on Twitter
5) Are You Single? Learn about Love Mentoring with Dr. Diana Kirschner
Now here’s this week’s Motivating Morsels.
1) Post-Concussive Syndrome
Well, my suspicions were correct. My aching head was telling me something.
Learn more here:
2) Name My Next Book – The Follow-Up to Sugar Shock
Have you shared your ideas yet on what to name my next book, the follow-up to Sugar Shock?
Please let me know what you recommend –
Power-of-your-subconscious-mind 3) Master your Subconscious Mind
My hypnotist friend Debra Berndt – whose healing downplay is helping my head a lot – is presenting an amazing 4-week program, beginning Tuesday night, with Bob Doyle of “The Secret” on how you can Master Your Subconscious Mind. Sign up now here:
4) Connect With me on Facebook & Follow me on Twitter
Are we connected yet, thanks to social media? I invite you to take the next step.
My goal is to inspire, motivate, educate and nurture you using a variety of social media platforms.
First off, I invite you to become one of the Smart Habits Fans on Facebook. There you’ll be able to get links to interesting articles, Daily Smart Habits Tips, pointers to break free of your sugar addiction and other bad habits and much more.
Facebook-logo Just go here:
Once you connect, please make sure to post your thoughts, comments and insights.
Twitter_logo_header Also make sure to follow me on Twitter. Just go to
(If you don’t have an account yet, just start one at and then follow me. It’s that easy.)
I hope I inspire you!
Feel free to share interesting articles and ideas, too.
5) Are You Single? Learn about Love Mentoring with Dr. Diana Kirschner
If you’re single, you’ll definitely want to know about this exciting fr*ee program on Wed., July 14 at 9 pm Eastern (6 pm Western) with my friend, the acclaimed relationship expert Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of “Love in 90 Days.”
Diana — who has helped thousands of people find love — is doing a a wonderful fre*e teleseminar with another friend Cynthia Rowland, to tell you about the value of love mentoring to find love.
Study after study has shown that adults who are mentored are more successful in their careers and in school. Women, in particular, have greatly benefited from mentoring with reports of greater self-esteem and a heightened ability to break through the “glass ceiling.” And love is no different. Learn more here about this fr*ee program to educate you about love mentoring:

Connie’s Confession: I’m a Health Hypocrite! Help Each Other

Normally, I don’t reveal my vulnerabilities here, on this Sugar Shock Blog. Nor do I share a personal plight, but today, I feel a need to confess to you that I feel like the ultimate Health Hypocrite.
Sure, I eat healthy, wholesome, real foods. Yes, I religiously avoid sugary foods and carbs — and have since 1998 with only a handful of very minor infractions. I don’t even smoke anymore. (Inhaling two packs of cigarettes is a thing of the past.) What’s more, I’ve been shunning caffeine since a doctor suggested I do so more than a decade ago. And I don’t even chew sugar-less gum or eat candies with artificial sweeteners anymore. In addition, I’ve triumphed over my diet soda slugging. Plus, I’m huge exercise aficionado. But feeding my body well and moving just aren’t nearly enough.
Sleep My body craves — as does yours — ample sleep. We desperately need those zzzzzz’s.Otherwise, I’m headed for sniffles, sneezing, coughing and congestion.
Well, lately — especially in the last week — I haven’t walked my talk. Despite the fact that I know about the wonders of a good night’s sleep and I’m even mentioning it as a “Smart Diet Habit” in my next book, I skimped on sleep myself last week. Now that I’m a health coach, I’m not going to indulge in self-blame. Rather, I’m going to use this realization as an opportunity.
The irony is that lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about and striving to do excellent self-care, because of my training as a health counselor and life coach and because I’ve been completing Cheryl Richardson’s fabulous book, Take Time for Your Life, which was required reading for my life coaching program through iPEC.
I even just bought Cheryl Richardson’s latest book, The Art of Extreme Self-Care, this weekend at this remarkable Hay House ouse Movers & Shakers conference. Both books have motivated me to think a lot about how we all will benefit if we devote ourselves wholeheartedly to treating ourselves with respect and reverence, even it it means we have to let go of current projects and disappoint people.
Well, despite my commitment to treating myself right, last week, I neglected my needs when it came to snoozing. You see, I felt compelled to help you you a lot this month.

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Many of you write to me often, asking for more posts, more information, more links to medical studies, more tips to kick sugar and more words of inspiration — in other words, you want more!
Usually, you can get a variety of fun things to read here, at the Sugar Shock Blog — unless I’m off at a conference or vacationing, as I was recently.
But you also can get more frequent, shorter tidbits from me as all.
Just follow me on Twitter to get quick, 140-character updates from me. FYI, I’m known on Twitter as the “Smart Habits Girl.”
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So follow me on Twitter, where I post regularly (unless I’m on vacation, as I was recently).