Healthy Halloween Tips

Tips for Parents on Gab with the Gurus to Help your Kids Soften Sugar Shock

On National Sugar Overload Day — my phrase for Halloween — millions of children and adults alike will be lured like flies into a spider trap to eat and probably pig out on sugar-laden candies.

This established sugar-gorging holiday also often stresses out frazzled parents, who just don’t know how to deal with their little “Sugar Monsters” once they come home from trick ‘r treating.

To help you make this sugar-centered holiday one that isn’t fraught with frustration, I’ve often interviewed a number of experts, who give you some simple tips on how to how your kids can have fun and how to make Halloween more healthy.

Check out this week’s Gab with the Gurus Show to listen to easy tips from a team of stellar experts. You will hear easily doable ideas from:

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    Halloween Used to Mean Candy Corn to Me

    Now I'm Immune to Their Charms

    I used to love candy corn. Indeed, I used to have Crazy Cravings™ for them. Just seeing them led me to privately pig out on these adorable, sweet kernels. Especially before and after Halloween.

    For years, those little tri-colored “treats” tempted and taunted me again and again to shove them into my mouth. Well, that’s sure how it felt.

    For the past 17 years, though, I’ve been immune to the sweet charms of candy corn and other Halloween “goodies.”

    To my joy, I’m no longer a hardcore candy addict, who feels trapped, frustrated and frazzled by these alluring “treats.”

    Much to my continued amazement, I haven’t put one candy corn in my mouth since 1998.

    That was the year I reluctantly quit sugar and refined carbs on doctor’s orders, because my M.D. thought that doing do would banish all 44 of my mysterious ailments. He was right, much to my amazement.

    Now, as Halloween fast approaches, candy corn is again out in full force. And millions of Americans will be handing out lots of the sweet stuff to cute little trick-or-treaters.

    Not only that, but millions of kiddies and their parents, as well as adults with no children, will mindlessly plop these insidious tri-colored “goodies” into their mouths.

    But Halloween isn’t the only day, candy corn calls out to people. Inevitably, many will gobble candy corn for weeks, if not months, while blithely unaware of the potentially dangerous consequences of over-indulging on sweets.

    To many, candy corn is quite tasty — especially if you’re used to the super-sweet taste — so it can be hard to stop. It once was for me. Now, I easily say no to this popular treat, which, as you can see here, contain “Sugar, Corn Syrup, Confectioner’s Glaze, Salt, Dextrose, Gelatin, Sesame Oil, Artificial Flavor, Honey, Yellow 6, Yellow 5, and Red 3.”  (more…)

    7 Easy Ways to Face Halloween

    Simple Tips to Become a Sugar Sleuth before You or Your Kids Pig Out on this "National Sugar Overload Day"

    Halloween, which is around the corner, is the scariest day of the year. That’s because it’s become an approved National Sugar Overload Day.

    For Halloween, 157 million well-meaning Americans  (or nine out of 10 shoppers) will fork over a whopping $ 2.1 billion to buy candy corn and lots of chocolate “treats.” (Indeed, 72 percent of all money spent this Halloween will be on sugary chocolate.)

    Every Halloween, millions of mindless, health-unconscious adults — parents and non-parents alike — take an ultra-permissive, Ditch the-Diet approach to Spooky Snacking.

    Many  of you will experience collective Sugar Ignorance.

    You simply “forget” everything you’ve ever heard of or learned about the dangers of sugar overloading, including its connection (confirmed by many stellar researchers) to obesity, heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, and more.

    Instead, parents will likely lovingly, good-naturedly tell their innocent, sugar-craving kids, “Sure, you can have some candy [on Halloween and for days afterwards], but brush your teeth afterwards.”

    Not only that, but you and your friendly, well-intentioned neighbors will kindly give out candies galore to all those cute, young, costumed trick-or-treaters.

    I’m not blaming you for being among the candy pushers every Halloween. You’re a product of our sugar-obsessed environment.

    But this year, I invite you to take these seven simple steps before you take your children trick-or-treating.


    Holiday Gift for You: Download to Relieve Holiday Stress with Debra Berndt

    Let’s connect! What is your favorite part of this download. Leave a comment. Share your thoughts here.

    Love Bubble - 1379839_10151947500379402_1945532480_nThe holiday season can be a very stressful time between overwhelming family gatherings to polite sugar-pushing at holiday parties.

    This year it’s my pleasure to give you a holiday gift, an uplifting, soothing Relieve Holiday Stress download with Love-Mind Expert Debra Berndt.

    You can listen to the Relieve Holiday Stress Replay at your convenience.

    In this exciting, soothing program, Debra — a master in creative visualization and hypnosis, who has helped thousands of people around the world  — explains how our subconscious mind works.

    Then she guides you in three creative visualizations, which will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

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    How to Skip Overeating This Thanksgiving: 3 Simple Tips for a Sweeter, Slimming Holiday

    Every Thanksgiving, being grateful often takes a back seat to over-indulging at family gatherings.

    Gulping down fast-acting, processed carbohydrates, sugar-loaded desserts, and gluten-rich foods is far more common than pleasurably savoring the various culinary concoctions.

    20101117-stuffingFor many, Thanksgiving means they’ll go into Sugar Shock and Carb Shock (as I dub it), and develop “Grain Brain,” as Dr. David Perlmutter puts it in his book of the same name.

    In fact, I predict that on Thanksgiving, most Americans will overeat, especially those culplrit carbs.

    It’s simply a given that you’ll over-indulge on this holiday. One gym even suggested that you “work out before you pig out.”  Aargh!

    It’s time to ignore the insidious programming that drives you to overeat on Thanksgiving.

    Even if you’ve stuffed yourself at previous holiday feasts, instead this Thanksgiving you can achieve Sweet Freedom.

    To begin the Sweet Freedom Thanksgiving Funcise (Fun Exercise), think ahead to the day after Thanksgiving,

    Choose now not to get an upset stomach. Plan now not to pig out. Select the smarter choice — to savor the sweet holiday experience.

    This Thanksgiving, you can easily shift your attention away from those cunning carbs and desserts, which most Americans over-consume and which ample research shows can contribute to more than 100-plus diseases and ailments, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and even an early death.

    It’s time to take back your Sugar Power and Carb Control. This Thanksgiving, you can avoid being overly tempted by:

    Here’s a three-part simple way to skip over-indulging this Thanksgiving and take leisurely, sociable tastes instead. (I recommend you take two to four small bites maximium of each dish.)

    But before you dig into those tantalizing carb creations, just ask yourself these three simple questions:

    1. Would I rather overeat [fill in name of food(s)] tonight and feel sluggish, fuzzy-headed, and cranky tomorrow (for up to three days afterwards)?  OR would I rather have a slim, healthy body and mind? (If you have weight to lose, this thought can stop you from over-indulging.)
    2. Would I rather overeat those carbs or sweets or enjoy the good company of family and friends on this special day?
    3. Wouldn’t I rather feel better about myself by shifting my focus from the carb-food to gratitude, which, of course, is supposed to be the whole point of this celebration? Remind yourself that night of list of “5 Things for Which I’m Most Grateful.”

    This simple, three-part mental exercise can take your attention away from those potentially harmful carb substasnces and instead put you on the path toward feeling good and enjoying your life -–  not just on this holiday but during the whole holiday season ahead.

    Have a sweet, joyous and healthy Thanksgiving.


    New to this Sugar Shock Blog? Connie Bennett is a former lethargic, dejected sugar-addicted journalist, who reluctantly quit sugar on doctor’s orders in 1998 after being pummeled by 44 strange ailments (brain fog, heart palpitations, mood swings, etc.). Now, 15 years later, the energetic, uplifting Connie spreads the word that Life is Sweeter When Sugar Doesn’t Seduce You™. She is recognized as the Sweet Freedom Coach, and she is a life coach, health coach, blogger, and motivational speaker, who has helped thousands of sugar and carb addicts worldwide. Connie is author of two bestselling books, Sugar Shock and Beyond Sugar Shock, which have been praised by many acclaimed health gurus and celebrities, including America’s Favorite Doctor, Dr. Mehmet Oz, as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Daniel Amen, Brian Tracy, Bernie Siegel, Mark Sisson, Marci Shimoff, John Assaraff, JJ Virgin, Katie Dolgin (“High Voltage”), and Jimmy Moore.

    Subscribe to this Sugar Shock Blog and like Connie on her Facebook fan page.

    3 Gifts to Have a Sweeter Holiday Season

    0511-1001-0321-2234_Happy_People_Dancing_Retro_Silhouette_clipart_imageFor many of you, the holiday season is filled with anxiety, stress, financial worries, loneliness, family arguments, gift-giving concerns, many irritations (from flight delays to family squabbles) and many tasty temptations — mostly high-calorie and sugar-filled that you find hard to resist but that pack on the pounds, sap your energy and ruin your moods.

     In fact, many people leave the holiday season feeling drained, deprived and 5 or more pounds heavier.

    But I'm here to help you lose weight, get organized, become more organized, joyful, calm down, look younger, plan a vision for the future, attract abundance, and much more.

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    Your First Gift with Law of Attraction Guru John Assaraf

    John_assaraf_150pxwidthFor your first gift, you'll get inspired and educated by the remarkable John Assaraf, one of the stars of The Secret, founder of several multi-million dollar companies, a Spiritual Entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author.

    In our special program, John — who is also a Law of Attraction expert and certified life coach — will help you ll discover:

    * What's blocking you from abundance.
    * How the super-successful John didn't come from a family of scholars or multimillionaires, but somehow he managed to learn about quantum physics and neuroscience and build several 5 multimillion dollar companies and write a couple of New York Times bestselling books along the way.

    • How oceans and stars are not the last frontier for mankind but the human brain is.
    • Why some people achieve enormous business and financial success while others don't.
    • How there is an inner game to wealth and success and an outer game.
    • Why it's so hard for people to change.
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    • How some people settle for less than what they can achieve and how you can easily break free from that pattern, achieve huge transformations; and become incredibly confident.
    • How to find out about John's super-sophisticated, amazing brain training program (which I love).

    Your Second Gift with America's Relaxation Expert Darrrin Zeer

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    * How to do what Darrin calls "The Bear Claw."
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    * What to do if you get headaches.
    * How to do "Keyboard Calisthenics.:
    * How to do something called "Email Meditation" (yes, meditation!)
    * How to do the "Really Fun Laughter Exercise."

    Your Third Gift with the Renowned "FlyLady" Marla Cilley

    Flylady_toonThen, your final gift — also from the Sweeter Holiday Summit — comes from the renowned "FlyLady" Marla Cilley, who will give you tools galore to help you get through the holidays. For instance, Marla will reveal:

    * How to change your life in 15-minute increments.
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    * What to do which days of the week so you don't feel so overwhelmed.
    * How to avoid last-minute, gift wrapping challenges.
    * What to do before you go to holiday parties.
    * How to put the fun in your cleaning and decluttering endeavors.
    * How to give "action" gifts.
    * How to go on a "cruise" this holiday season.
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