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What is Cravings-Crushing Monday?

You know how absolutely awful you can feel on Monday, after a weekend of blowing your diet and feeling trapped by overpowering cravings to eat—or, rather scarf— various bad-for-you nonfoods?

CB-Lion[shareable cite=”Connie Bennett, The Cravings Ninja”]Cravings derail diets. Cravings can halt weight loss. Crush Your Cravings with us every Monday.[/shareable]

For many who’ve eaten badly over the weekend, Monday is often the day they vow to finally get back on track.

Monday (or even Sunday) is when reality hits hard — it dawns on many that they’ve badly blown their diets over the weekend, eating chips and cake while at a party, soda at a sporting event or several chocolate candy bars.

Monday is also when remorse, self-loathing and excessive self-recriminations have set in.  “How could I have eaten all that sugary, salty, fatty food?” you may wonder.

But if you examine why you ate those unhealthy non-foods, you’ve been triggered — mentally, physically or emotionally. And those triggers led to what I now call Crazy Cravings™, as I call them — you know those overpowering, can’t-ignore, insidious urges for junk.

In fact, most of us have cravings, the research shows. 

Over the past four yars, after coaching and guiding sugar and carb addicts for 18 years and having my own challenges, I’ve come to realize one important fact: Crazy Cravings are the SINGLE biggest hurdle to good health and weight-loss success.

Cravings derail all diets.

Typically, the whine goes like this:

“I always promise myself to go on a diet, eating only healthy, slimming foods. I start out with a bang. I’ll be ‘good’ for a day, a week or even several months. But suddenly one day—usually when I pass a donut shop, fast-food joint or candy store and I’m dealing with stress, frustration or that time of month—one sight of the goodies in the shop window and a whiff of the sweet aroma sends me dashing inside. Craving_Crushing_Mondays_Banner_long_5_6_16

Next, I become `possessed’ by an urgent need for a sweet roll or [fill in the name of your biggest trigger food]. I feel that it’s calling out to me!

“Pretty soon, I’ll zone out, mindlessly polish off one, two, three or more of [put in your trigger food], and I just can’t stop. Within days, weeks or months, I’ve gained five, 20, 40 pounds. It’s awful. I feel so out of control. I hate being a slave to my Crazy Cravings!”

When our sudden, unpredictable Crazy Cravings take hold of us, our healthy, best-planned diet can quickly slide down a gutter as if they were misbehaving bowling balls.

But you don’t have to be at the mercy of your Crazy Cravings…

And that’s why I’ve now devoted many of the posts on this blog to this subject.

I want to help you take charge. So I’ll be here (as I promised late last year) on Cravings-Crushing Monday throughout 2016 and 2017 to give you fast, convenient information and tools to whip out at a moment’s notice in our fast, convenience-driven world.

On Cravings-Crushing Monday— which will often include fun, shareable cartoons — you’ll discover:

  • Why Crazy Cravings chase you and how or why you’ll continue to be a target;
  • The biggest reasons you get Crazy Cravings;
  • Quick, powerful tools, which have been either discovered by scientists from universities or hospitals around the world
  • How Crazy Cravings are usually not your fault;
  • The tragic consequences of your Crazy Cravings;
  • How to welcome your Crazy Cravings — seriously! — because they give you valuable information;
  • How the food industry thrives on your having Crazy Cravings;
  • Quick, powerful, Cravings-Crushing tools, which have been either discovered by scientists from universities or hospitals around the world;
  • Simple, effective tactics that I created, tested and retested, and then validated to discover how or why they work;
  • And much more.

So let me help you every week, before or on Cravings-Crushing Monday. Then talk to us.

I also have some exciting news. Finally, after months of working on it, my 3 Tips to Crush Your Cravings, Quick-Start Guide is completed.  Order your copy now.

Join the Crazy-Cravings Conversation:  When do you most crave junk foods? What could you do instead?

Share this post with your loved ones, friends and colleagues, who often can resist their Crazy Cravings for sugary, salt, fatty junk foods.

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