Lean on Rose Quartz to Calm You

Cravings-Crushing Monday: Get Soothed by this Stone Rather than Sugar

Most of you may associate red with the color of love (think, Valentine’s Day), but I invite you to get and cherish a heart-shaped, pink rose quartz, which has been hailed as a powerful healing crystal and as the love Stone.


Rose quartz can be your powerful ally in a number of ways.

To begin, it can have a calming, peaceful, soothing effect—which, of course, is far better than the temporary high you can get from sweets or quickie carbs.

What’s more, although most people think red is best for your Valentine, the color pink is also associated with love. (Naturally, it’s affiliated with breast cancer awareness, too.)

When you see pink, you evoke healing, sweetness, and safety, experts say.

“Focusing on pink is a way to do something healing and loving for yourself,” suggests herbalist and nutritional consultant Brigitte Mars.

Feng Shui experts also use pink to soothe the energy in a room, especially in the southwest area of your space, which is is connected to love and marriage.

Think about it. When do you eat sugary foods? Sure enough, you may use sweets as a substitute for love, as many of you have confided in me.

If you’d like to feel love — whether or not you have a special someone this Valentine’s Day — I invite you to rely on rose quartz.

Rose quartz also has been hailed for its ability to to help “open your heart to give and receive love” and to encourage you to “forgive others and especially yourself.”

Crystal and metaphysical experts also recommend:


Merry Christmakah or Happy Christmukkah

Happy Holidays to All, Whether You Celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or another religious holiday

This year, Christmas and Chanukah both fall on December 25 (although the Jewish celebration continues for another seven days).In honor of that dual holiday, cartoonist Isabella Bannerman created a fun cartoon. Enjoy your holiday, all, no matter what you celebrate.

Sweet Sunset to Savor

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Isn’t getting hooked on watching sunsets a lot more enticing than dessert foods or quickie carbs?

Photos 12-11-13 053

Can you believe I took this on my iPhone?

Please spread the Sunset Love to your friends and fans.

Join the Conversation: When was the last time you watched a sunset? How did it make you feel? Post your comment now. 

Kelly Ripa, Kim Kardashian, Seth Green, Eva Langoria Parker Go for Over-the-Top Cakes

Cake - kelly-ripa-435 Many of us would-be, health-conscious people strive often (or at times) to cut culprit carbs and shove candies, cookies, cakes and chips out of our lives for our emotional or physical health.

But who can blame Tori Spelling, Kelly Ripa, Kim Kardashian, Eva Langoria Parker, Guy
Ritchie, Flavor Flav, Seth Green, Spencer Pratt and Kid Rock for using creative, elaborate cakes to memorialize major occasions?

I don't mean to unnecessarily entice you with these images (to your left), but I'm amused, entertained and intrigued by these over-the-top, sugary concoctions that People Magazine shares with us in a snazzy photo essay.

My sugar-free — albeit sometimes jealous — funny bone nudges me to poke fun of this sugar-filled hoopla in this way: Well, let them eat cake!

(For the record, my comment was NOT intended to be malicious — it was my silly, sleep-deprived remark.)

Hey, sometimes you just have to laugh at — and accept — our nation's habit of celebrating events with sugar-filled cakes. Let's face it, this is a trend you just can't buck.

So I invite you to set some limits for yourself at your next beautiful cake-celebrated event. I urge you to have just one teeny, tiny piece — and to have it after a good meal with healthy foods (quality protein, healthy carbs such as veggies and a small amount of fat like olive oil). That's right, I challenge you to partake of one tiny slice!

Cake tori-spelling-660 Speaking of challenges, it can be a challenge to figure out how to observe important milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, bar mitzvahs, christenings and graduations without cute cakes.

So, now I'm presented with a challenge. Given that I don't eat sweets, how the heck should I celebrate my 12 years off sugar on April 15?

I invite your suggestions. Because frankly I'm at a loss! Please send in your ideas!

In case you're new to this Sugar Shock Blog and your'e wondering why I would want to pass up such delectable treats as those shown here, consider this: Would you rather suffer from 44 horrible ailments or skip the sweets and feel great?

That's the choice had to reluctantly make back in 1998, when my doctor ordered me to quit my sugar habit. To learn about my sad-to-sweet story, read it in Chapter One of my book SUGAR SHOCK!

If you're annoyed with me for unnecessarily enticing you, come join me tonight when low-carb blogger Jimmy Moore — who lost 180 pounds and kept it off, partly from cutting out cakes — and I tell you "The Top 10 Reasons You Failed to Lose Weight or Kick Sugar." Just sign up here. (If you can't make it live, you can listen to an audio replay later, for a limited time.)

My ABC’s to Break Free of Your Bad Habits (YouTube Video)

I’ve been busy lately doing a video for a contest sponsored by Hay House for attendees of a recent Movers & Shakers conference.

In this video, I’m answering the question that I most often get from clients. Everyone wants to know: “What should i do first to tackle my sugar addiction or other bad habit.”

So watch this to get my ABC’s to Break Free. Please make sure to watch to the end for an entertaining, surprising, humorous conclusion. Please let me know what you think.

I Committed a “Robbery” on Rosh Hashanah! The Economy Made Me Do It (Personal Essay)


Note from Connie: As readers of this SUGAR SHOCK! Blog know by now, I like to write about a variety of topics other than health. Here's a fun personal essay, which I wrote too late (alas) to get published elsewhere. I encourage you to pass it around, post it on Facebook, tweet about it and/or Digg it. Hope it entertains you.

I Committed a "Robbery" on Rosh Hashanah! The Economy Made Me Do It By Connie Bennett

NEW YORK CITY—On Rosh Hashanah, when I should have been atoning for my sins of the past year, pulled off a smart, but stingy sin. In my defense, the economy made me do it.

Fully cognizant of my High Holidays wrongdoing, I stuck into services at a fancy hotel in New York City. By arriving late, no one was checking tickets at the door anymore. So, holding my head high, I quickly took my place among the worshippers.

In short, on Rosh Hashanah no less, I committed the perfect sin for this economic climate. I “robbed” a worthwhile Jewish organization of $150. (That was the fee to attend all High Holiday services.)

Sad to say, but I didn’t feel guilty about my transgression. That’s because, like many Americans, the economy has impacted me. If anything, I was proud that I’d saved $150 of my hard-earned money.

Certainly, I’m not alone in my economically driven High Holidays quandary. Many of us fellow Jews, I’m sure, are facing the same frustrations, especially now that we may have given up our expensive synagogue dues. This leaves us with a challenge. We want to atone, but we’d rather not pay to pray. (Of course, this plight holds true for people of all religions.)